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Craig Odar

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How is everyone handling sitemap.xml generation since 6.0 came out with canonical URLs?  It's not an out of the box feature, and I don't see it in the roadmap (yet).

+Radoslav Georgiev posted something about a module he was developing  in April:

Did anything come of that?
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The sitemap project is still there, but it doesn't take advantage of canonical URLs.  It was last updated in late 2011.
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Craig Odar

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Craig Odar

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What is the correct way to schedule an item to expire on a set date? I've tried the obvious:

item.ExpirationDate = DateTime.Today.AddYears(1)

but the item didn't unpublish as expected (the correct value was persisted in the DB).  Is there a different method, or is there something else going on?
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This code example might help you set an expiration date even create an item in the past:

public void ScheduleNewsItem(string newsTitle, string newsContent, DateTime publicationDate, DateTime expirationDate)
           NewsManager nManager = NewsManager.GetManager();
           var newsItem = nManager.CreateNewsItem();
           newsItem.Title = newsTitle;
           newsItem.Content = newsContent;
           SummarySettings newsSummarySettings = new SummarySettings(SummaryMode.Words, 20, false, false);
           newsItem.Summary = SummaryParser.GetSummary(newsContent, newsSummarySettings);
           newsItem.AllowComments = false;
           newsItem.Visible = true;
           //You need to set the UrlName and replace any special characters,  the manager will take care of recompiling the item URL
           newsItem.UrlName = Regex.Replace(newsItem.Title.ToLower(), UrlNameCharsToReplace, UrlNameReplaceString);
           newsItem.PublicationDate = publicationDate;
           newsItem.ExpirationDate = expirationDate;
           //The item needs to be chacked out so we can pass it to WorkflowManager for scheduling
           var bag = new Dictionary<string, string>();
           bag.Add("ContentType", typeof(NewsItem).FullName);
           WorkflowManager.MessageWorkflow(newsItem.Id, typeof(NewsItem), null, "Schedule", true, bag);
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Craig Odar

Discussion  - 
Can anyone from Telerik (+Ivan Osmak?) comment on the status of custom fields for pages in the 6.0 release?  We'd like to use them to attach images, descriptions, etc. that we could use to build mega menus w/o a lot of individual customization.  
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