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A. G. Moye
A writer that can't stop writing!
A writer that can't stop writing!

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Dining with Alien creatures-- A.G.Moye
Captain Neil Armstrong Andrews sat down at the Officer's table. All of the other senior officers were already seated at the table including the Commander, Janice. Having naval military background, Janice had institutionalized the practice of Officers eating...

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What is unbelievable is that I actually didn't turn on my computer for three days. The longest period since I went on vacation a few years ago. I didn't even write or blog which is unusual for me. When I did I first went through all those that has followed ...

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reblogged from But what are they eating?
THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017 Please Welcome A.G. Moye, Author of Cronicles of the Marauder In the near future; 100,000 light-years from Earth aboard the faster than light starship Marauder, Captain Neil Armstrong Andrews sat down for dinner to enjoy fresh veget...

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Lady Justice on the dark side by Robert Tornhill-my review
This mystery/comedy caught my attention from the beginning to the end, so I gave it five stars on Amazon and GoodReads. This book is for the young and older young people.  The main character Walt struggles with changes in his life brought about getting shot...

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Neil gets lucky or unlucky on his first date after prison
Neil felt Denise move, bringing him slightly awake as she left the bed they were sharing. She turned off the light. He couldn't believe he scored on his first date. It had been a long dry spell. Denise returned to the bed and started kissing him all over. "...

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So many miscues as a writer
Most writers come out the gate doing things right the first time. I'm one of those that has made several miscues but I am slowing getting it right. I guess you can say "I'm attending the school of hard knocks" but I've learned by doing. My first book was my...

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So you just wrote a bestseller
That was what i thought when I originally wrote and published my first book. I couldn't wait on the reviews to come in and the cash register to start ringing in 2011. I had spent so much time writing and rewriting it over and over. It was going to be great....

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less than 2 weeks and already broken resolutions-how about you?
My first resolution was to post at least twice a week on my two blogs at  and my other at  I did one on my blogger site but yet to do one on my other site. I could blame it on spending ...

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First post of 2017
I wanted to start 2017 out with a bang but my brain is still stuck in 2016 so I guess I should pretend that 2016 never existed to get my mind caught up with the new year. Writing, blogging and book reviews are my life on social media. Read a lot of other po...

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2016- A year of uncertain events
The year started like most years with high hopes and feeling as this would be a great year for Indie writers. I started off as usual with reviews of Indie books, cover reals to get the word out about these new writers and their work.  If mind is correct, th...
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