Will the last #Election2012 debate continue to ignore the climate crisis?

So far both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been silent on climate change during the presidential debates. During the previous debate, while Mitt Romney was busy attacking the President for not doing enough for the fossil fuel industry, Obama proudly talked about how oil and gas production was at all-time highs and that he would "continue to open up new areas for drilling" and make natural gas "a priority".

Climate change has come up in one form or another during every election debate from 1988 to 2008. If it doesn't come up tonight, at the last presidential debate for this election, it will be the first time a climate issue isn't raised since 1984.

It is absolutely imperative that climate change is brought up in tonight’s discussion. But even more important is that we also get good responses from Romney and Obama.

Check out #ClimateSilence and demand that the candidates tell Americans how they plan to address the climate crisis if elected: http://climatesilence.org

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