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Reiki Dog
Was it a coincidence that the very same day that I was
reading a book chapter about treating dogs with Reiki, was the day when my dog
Dubi had indigestion? “If I had Reiki, I could help him!” I thought, and soon
after that day, I went to be trained and init...

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Communication for Healers
I have worked with the healing arts since 1999, since my
first Reiki attunement and training. I called myself a healer, facilitator,
lightworker, and a variety of other names that tried to describe my work of
service for others. I’ve taken dozens of worksho...

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What Not to Say to a Friend in Need
Five things to avoid when someone close is distressed A
heart-warming response to the extremely demanding time that I had gone through until
last July, when I left a very difficult marriage and moved on my own, was a
fellow dancer’s question, after confessi...

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Surviving When Leaving is Not an Option
What helped me stay alive and relatively sane through
years of abusive marriage Here I am, on the other side of the Dark Night of the Soul,
recovering from a piece of adversity so difficult that when I asked for the
help of a coach to see me through the har...

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5 Ways to Translate Your Meditation Practice to Life
5 Ways to Translate Your Meditation Practice to Life Would you take driving lessons and practice parallel parking, then go home and never move your car from the driveway? I didn't think so. Good practice is applied to life, and meditation is no exception. H...

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5 Ways to Heal Trauma without Drugs
If the memory of a traumatic event from the past still
evokes strong emotion while thinking or speaking about it, there is a need for
addressing and healing the trauma which registered in your body.  Here are five drugless ways you can address trauma and ch...

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Freedom is an Embodied Affair
Folding upon a pile of yoga blocks, bolster and soft,
inflatable ball, I try and fail finding comfort for the few minutes that this
pose requires. The tension in my shoulders won’t allow resting my arms
together, so they have to take turns in what becomes a...

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