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I don't really get on here much. Not much call to, but I wanted to say HOWDY to my friends that are here. :-)
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Doing well Dee. How are you? :-) How's Ron and Emmy doing? What's new?
Hey if you are interested in playing WoW now is a great time to renew your account, you get Cata for free and an instant level up to 80, Let me know if you are interested and I'll send you an email with the info of how to do it.
That's good I'm glad to hear you're all doing well. I bet she was tired after all that running and playing. That's the way a child hood should be. :) I'm not surprised Ron's going hard core on WOW. It's fun and there are a LOT of things to do. He actually mentioned something about me getting on, I guess you can get on at level 8. I think I was level 13 or so when I quit so that wouldn't really help me. ;) ha ha.. I'm going to write him back here when I'm finished with yours. I'm just working. The comic is going pretty good. At least on my end it is. I have no Idea how Harvey's artwork is coming. Hopefully we'll be publishing soon. I have the stories, so like I said it's all on him now. ;-) I can't wait to see it in print. I'll be sending you guys a copy once it's out. I would love to hear what you think. So when are you guys coming home again?
You know the most annoying thing about Google + you can't just post comments to your friends profiles. Any way this ones to Ron. Not much going on here brother, except work and working on my comic. The thing with WOW sounds cool but I don't really have much time to play. I'm either at work, sleeping or writing these days. :-) Maybe some day I'll be able to get back on. So how's every thing with you? Back to work or still laid off? I'm going to give you a call some time this week. So I'll just catch you later. Take care bro.
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