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My cat Slugs, SNORING and smacking his big lips while dreaming 
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oh,wonderful..He gotta be such a great company to you,isn't he? Here I still live with my father and sister,and he doesn't want to have animals around only for a matter of "freedom" and responsability..He loves animals so much,but ...oh...that's a real pity.I wish so much I could have even just a dog :(
+Laura Sanna Yes! And thank you for such kind words earlier. I hope you get a nice poop machine of your own one day. I had lived around animals my whole life, but Slug Buddy bits all of them. He is SO low maintenance. Always at my side, he's never been washed- but he smells like raspberry jam, for some reason. 
I can't believe he stays asleep while your touching his mouth, my cats would have a fit. He seems so sweet and mellow.
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