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Emily Farra
IU journalism student, web editor of Inside Magazine, fashion columnist, writer, blogger, wanderer.
IU journalism student, web editor of Inside Magazine, fashion columnist, writer, blogger, wanderer.

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cheap thrills
my list of summer bargains is already a mile long. here's what i'm currently coveting... this irresistible valentino-esque party dress  ($285), these pearly midi-rings from rue gembon ($65), the perfect minty green summer clutch ($60), this i-can't-believe-...

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tuesday blues
anyone who knows me can attest to my denim obsession. i'm always on the hunt for another pair despite the fact that my overstuffed "jeans drawer" recently broke...oops. it did force me to go through my collection and toss out what i don't need (including so...

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white wash
image via pinterest surprise, surprise - spring has sprung (woo!) and all i want to wear is white. this happens to me every year for a few reasons: first of all, white is flattering! it makes you look tanner, thinner, and just fresh. it wakes up your face a...

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spring breaker
i may not get a spring break anymore, but i'm lucky enough to have a sunny vacation booked for later this week. after an epic, endless east coast winter (and just as epic fashion month!), i'm seriously craving some vitamin D. but i have to admit -- i feel f...

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stock market
images via pinterest i've had a pair of taupe birkenstocks for at least 7 years now - i actually can't remember when or why i bought them. potentially for a high school trip to greece? but  since i never  ended up wearing them (sorry mom), they are essentia...

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pre-spring acquisitions
  with fashion month winding down, all anyone can talk about is what they're going to buy for the coming season. my favorite luxury websites are starting to stock my favorite SS14 pieces, like these chloe sandals , this phillip lim sweatshirt , and this giv...

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coat check
when you work in fashion, you tend to get excited about something new every day.  givenchy's floral prints ,  m2malletier bags ,  blinged-out tibi mules ,  the perfect sporty-chic sneakers ... the list goes on (and on and on). so when you suddenly realize y...

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chloé pre-fall 2014
images via the chloé pre-fall look above  is exactly what i want to wear once the temperatures warm up (or even if they don't -- i'm committed). why i don't already own a long-sleeved, flouncy day dress is truly beyond me, not to mention that cove...

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snow bunny
$32, asos for the price of one dinner out, i think we could all stand to make room for this quirky bag in our wardrobes. it would be a nice twist on my winter uniform (big sweaters + sparkly earrings + flats) which is starting to feel plain boring!   { alic...

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michael kors pre-fall 2014
tomboy glamour, perfected: oversized coats, a divine mix of colors (ice blue, camel, red and navy? yes!) charming embellishments, clever fabrics (like brocade, cotton and fur), mannish flats and messy ponies. it's exactly what i want to wear this season.
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