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Questions, questions. So many questions about Paul. And the extreme defensiveness and lack of self-criticism of his fans should raise alarm bells.
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Also, if you read the comments - every single one is a fallacious argument from a Ron Paul supporter. Every single one.

"What about Obama?" Um, the article is about Paul.
"You're so angry!" Typical derailing.
"You hate the military!" Strawman.
"The newsletters were a long time ago." Denying the value of evidence.

Etc etc etc
SUPER interesting! I love decent, even on a topic I current standard for. It's fantastic.
+Jay Weixelbaum this was my 1st read of your post's it was a good read lots of thing's i was unaware of... i then looked into James Kirchick who wrote the story read up on him watch a few of his video's he seems to be a good in my book... i look forward to reading more

Doherty reveals that he is a “Christian Reconstructionist” who advocates the death penalty for homosexuality and adultery.

i'm shocked by that it horrifies me that people still think like that
Yeah, it's kind of a major contradiction I haven't seen too many libertarians acknowledge. How can you be for personal liberties and then go and advocate a breakdown in the separation between church and state?