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ShareThis. I did my first "paint fade" on a boxcar today and it didn't turn out real well. I may have taken on a difficult color (blue) and used white craft paint thinned down and brushed on. The color of the fade was fine but it was so uneven and had many little specks in it.
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If you want warm and fuzzy, you might not get this from Dr. Pope; but if you want a knowledgeable doctor to take care of you medically, then she's the one. She fusses at me because I usually don't go for an "annual" exam but every two years, but I don't mind the fussing. It shows she cares. I think she's a well-seasoned doctor and she knows what she's doing.
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Stay away from this location. They act like it hurts them to help you.
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Dr. Hutchinson is awesome. It's not easy to find a vet who will care for pet rats, but he not only cares for them, he's gentle and shows genuine interest. He explains things thoroughly and doesn't rush through an exam. For Pet's Sake is the best!!
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Been going to RMC for years, but after my experience on Feb 20, 2016 I don't think I'll be back. First of all, I feel very uncomfortable having to sign away my right as a patient to sue for malpractice if such occurs at RMC. When did THAT start and WHY? Do they not trust their medical staff? Makes me think I'm taking my chances coming there. While the waiting room was not THAT crowded, it took an hour and a half to get called back. No apology for the wait. The nurse took vitals and history reading straight off the computer. No personal interaction. Didn't even introduce herself. Another 15-20 minute wait in the exam room and a woman rushes in, looks in my ears, nose and throat and says I'll write you some prescriptions. SHE never introduced herself. She could have been the cleaning lady for all I know. Never told me what my diagnosis was. I assume I had a sinus infection (had them before) but she never clarified that. And for all the time I spent waiting she wasn't in that room 15 seconds. If that's all the time they spend with every patient, it shouldn't take so long to get to them. From start to finish this was a terrible experience. I don't know what has happened to RMC. It used to be a nice place, but now it's very unprofessional and, even worrisome. I don't know what level of medical care I'm getting because it seems rather shoddy. I don't think I'll be going back.
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