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i have to say being the wife of a guinea water man i am completely disgusted, this is the worst film i have ever seen !!!! no one in guinea talks like this and they sure dont drug people and make them bait. only thing right in the whole film is the statement : Dont fuck with the guinea men. This movie is absolute shit. and it just gives these HARD working men a horrible rep . My husband works hard on the water, but he would never hurt anyone unless they tried to hurt his family. fiction or not this movie was a waste of money to make and made me sick to hear my husbands heritage slandered !!!
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+vernonlarsen again i really have to disagree. this movie was a total piece of crap, and to make matters worse the writer/director of the film and his family are from the neighboring county and father is a doctor who has delivered MANY guinea children. to put his money into this film was completely disrespectful to many of his patients. Again and again in the film it was directed at guinea not watermen  in general but a select private group that have worked these waters for centuries, and continue to still struggle to everyday. this was not a hard core drama, it was just pure trash.
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