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The 8 bit Map of Westgate Barony
Here's Westgate Barony, aka Greenwater Valley, in 573cy. Grey scale colored hexes are territory controlled by other provinces,  or by the Yeomanry, east of the river. Click for the full sized JPG file.

I don't feel any particular need to listen to people in Seattle, or worse, Europe or California, bitch and whine about religious freedom in Indiana.

I might need to prune my 'circles' a bit.

The vast majority of you whining about it, admit a few things:

You're not going to gencon anyway.
You havent read the bill
You're not gay.
You're not a practicing christian or jew.

Then admit you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about and shut your god damn mouth.

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A brief history of Westgate Barony
Westgate Barony Timeline All dates are CY, Flanaess Common Year ca -750 : Unknown builders construct the Raven Rock, a large monolith of obsidian carved to beautifully and accurately portray a 15 foot tall raven, located in the center of what is now Millen ...

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Bard/Thief Kit: Rogues of Westgate Barony
Rogues of Westgate Barony The lands of Westgate Barony are rather rural and decidedly not the cosmopolitan setting usually assumed to breed the game's stereotypical thieves and bards. Even the capitol city of Millen, with it's nearly ten thousand inhabitant...

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Fighter/Ranger PC Kit: Warriors of Westgate Barony
Warriors of Westgate Barony Given the existence of strange beasts in the mighty Dreadwood forest, and the near constant threat of poachers from across the river, The folk of Westgate take a strong pride in their role in the Baronial militia. From their earl...

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Chocobos in Greyhawk
Now that I posted a nice Chocobo Monstrous Compendium write up to refer to, let's take a few minutes to discuss how one might fit the riding birds into Greyhawk. In the days before the Suel and Oeridian people migrated into the Sheldomar Valley en masse and...

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Whew! Final revision of the Common Yellow Chocobo!
I'm finally happy with the Monstrous Compendium entry template for Libre Office, and added a little more clarification on the Chocobo's use of its magical abilities, if it has them. Please, let me know what you think, of the page layout and the Chocobo itse...

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Monstrous Update: Common Yellow Chocobo ver. 2
I updated the Monstrous template, and added the choco-cure and choco-esuna abilities to the write up. Enjoy! Click the image to download the pdf file.

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Who's afraid of the big, bad d20?
Although Gil & Glory is focused on AD&D 2nd ed, and that's the game I still prefer, there is honestly a ton of material out there for the D&D 3rd, 4th and 5th eds, and their offshoots, like Pathfinder. A good amount of this is either very rules dependent, r...
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