Romance and pure sensuality are a whisper away, with Erotic Influence, the sexy card game for lovers.

Erotic Influence is a sexually charged game for lovers to use as a tool for heightened sensuality and mutual exploration. Perfect for new lovers, and those who think they know their partner well, this game prompts couples to use their entire body to learn more about each other, in exciting, enticing, mind shattering new ways.

Flavor Shop Blog, an adult themed website dedicated to helping mature adult couples explore their relationships, and their bodies - just introduced a sexy new game, guaranteed to knock the socks off any couple – literally.

With their new suggestive card game Erotic Influence, the “sexpert” card game designer and producer, Afi Fennick invites lovers young and older to unleash the romance and creativity in their relationship. Erotic Influence is the perfect accessory to any intimate relationship.

For couples just learning about their new partners, Erotic Influence helps provide a comfortable environment to explore within. This game encourages humor, melded with pure sensuality, as couples are enticed to touch, taste, and please their partner. There is no better way than laughter and pure, unadulterated raunchiness to kick off a lifetime of sexual compatibility and erotic adventure, and Erotic Influence is the key to that beautiful state of pure togetherness.

Erotic Influence is also perfect for couples who have experienced life together for years. Every relationship can use a little extra excitement and renewal occasionally, and Erotic Influence is the perfect tool, helping bring creativity, imagination, and fun into the bedroom. Erotic Influence allows even experienced lovers to break away from the everyday hustle and bustle, providing the encouragement needed to voice each other’s deepest fantasies, in a tasteful, delightfully erotic, way.

Each card in the Erotic Influence deck has a specific suggestion for one lover to read to the other. The directions are simple, and each card offers the ability for the reader to tailor the suggestion to suit their own desires. The card reader can laugh with abandon, while shouting out a wild suggestion of how they want to see their partner’s body. Or, the reader can whisper a hidden desire into the dark night, quietly begging for a special touch from the one they love. The game is deceptively easy, while also amazingly fulfilling, as it helps loving partners learn the best ways to tease and please their lover.

At Flavor Shop Blog, the love for your partner is beautiful and powerful. What a sensational feeling to be cared for, explored, and never be taken lightly. Your love should be encouraged, reinvigorated, and constantly taken to exciting new levels. The questions and suggestions in Erotic Influence will help you and your partner connect like never before, exploring each other, and your relationship. 

To learn more about how Erotic Influence can put an exciting new twist in your love life, visit: , where love is never taken for granted. 

"Love Hard, Foreplay Harder." | Flavor Shop Blog
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