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This is helping me with my depression. Just wanted to share it in the hopes it helps someone else.

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Hey all, I'm finally getting back to writing on my blog, and I wrote a review of Shadows. (Spoilers: I love it) If you get the chance please give it a look. Also thanks +Robert Schwalb for such a fun game that's making new great stories and memories every session.

I have an awesome problem that I would love some ideas for.

Spoiler alert for tales of the demon lord, shadows in the mist.

I was running the adventure, and my party stretched itself too thin. They got to the Hags cave, and started shooting first asking questions later. This of course made the Promethean in the first room attack and it took them so long to deal with the Promethean that the Hag walked to the first room and started leveling horrible forbidden magic on them.

Now in all honesty had I pushed the Hag would have killed the entire party, but I hate killing the entire party because that means their suffering ends. So I had the hag start talking to them during the fight. She explained to them that she's trying to save the world by simply sacrificing Crossings. Now the group had nothing left in terms of spells and abilities per day, but the hag did not know that. Also I had the hag turn a dead unfortunate PC into a Revenant and serve as her body guard. This is extra fun because the wizard in the group blamed herself for the death of this player character. I started making all sorts of fun bargins with the group one of them being to give up the location and ward passphrases to get past the wards of the Wizard's Tower in Crossings and I'm exchange she'll give up the now resurrected friend. And also to leave in peace and allow her to destroy Crossings. The players chose to not give up their wizard friend and leave their former group member with the hag, but surprisingly my do-gooder group agreed to let her destroy Crossings. This is mostly out of desperation since the players did not have any steam left.

So good to her word the hag gave them a small boats and allowed them to sail away. They eventually got to a nearby shore on the mainland and can only watch in horror at a distance as the city of Crossings was overrun by nightmares and monsters. I asked the players if they wanted to be done with this story or continue on, and they said they'd like to keep going. Honestly I have never had such a huge quote unquote setback where the story kept going. So my question for you guys is what should the players find when they go back to Crossings? We ended the game with them making plans, and the players agreed they wanted to go into Crossings as soon as they rested and healed up. I figure it will be well after the hag has destroyed the city. So I'm looking for ideas for ways to take the story. I know my group wants to get revenge, and I know they would like to save their former group number if possible. Also the group knows that the hag now has in her possessions some very evil artifacts that they have found in their adventures and had hidden the wave with their NPC wizard friend, who sent a message to my group before succumbing to his wounds letting them know that they had found the evil artifacts and that he was attacked by their now resurrected friend.

Up until this point I've been running Tales the Demon Lord as written and now I basically nuked the fridge, in a good way. I have thoughts of my own but I'd love to hear the communities ideas for what the group finds in Crossings, what the hag will be up to now, and what happened to anyone who may have survived in Crossings.

Side note, it's really hard to write this on a phone 😛

Ran into a question with last night's game. Does the Sanctuary spell hide you from sightless creatures? (Core book)

For the last few months I've been running "Tales of the Demon Lord" for my group. This was our first foray into Shadows of the Demon Lord. I picked up the book because I met Frank Mentzer and he said it was his favorite game at the moment. Found it on on sale, grabbed it, and read through it over the course of a week. I'm not sure why but the game really spoke to me, and since I was ready to start a new story, I ran with it.

We've been playing for a few months and it's the most fun I've had running an RPG for a while now. Some of our highlights, in no particular order, include:

One of my players almost died in the very first round of the very first combat. That was the group's baptism in blood. After that they dropped their usual "I walk up and hit it" tactics and started fighting really smart.

The first monster they ever saw, a ghoul, scared them. By them I meant my players. They were terrified that this thing was going to get them. So they held the thing at bay via magic, grabbed the prisoner they were looking for, and ran for their lives. The players were really wound up by the end of that adventure. In later adventures the group reflected about how far along they came since they basically started off as peasants.

My group of players really liked the random character generation. They still got to pick out what their stats were but for the most part they let the dice decide what they looked like and what their history was. They of course had the option to veto anything they rolled but for the most part they ran with whatever they got.

My group almost died while fighting a demon of rage. This creature could incite rage in the party and cause them to attack their friends. Well of course the demon uses this on the big burly fighter, but his "To hit" chance is not the best. Then the demon got it from the rogue, so the demon turned his rage to the rogue. The rogue failed his Will save and could easily kill any of his friends. Everyone in the group was down to maybe a handful of HP. The rogue had to take his turn soon. The group was wracking their brains to come up with a solution. That was when the priest said, "Hey, I still have that magic coin of friendship, right?" My group's eyes go wide. The priest uses the coin to Charm the already Charmed rogue, turning the rage of the demon back on itself. They were so close to a TPK that our usually quiet wizard player couldn't help herself but giggle with glee as the group escaped certain death.

Our priest is a 12 year old human boy who didn't know that he was actually a changeling. He made it to level five before finally touching iron for the first time and reverting to his actual form. When that happened the priest thought everything, including his faith, was a lie. That night the group made up camp, but were attacked by some giant bugs. The party got hurt badly, and the priest wasn't much help because he couldn't conjure up any of his spells. By the end of the fight, the wizard had teleported the priest away from combat so he wouldn't get hurt, but the wizard, fighter, and rogue were all down. The priest ran towards the danger, took a spell to the chest, and fell to his knees. He saw his discarded holy symbol on the ground next to him. With a big ol' "Eh screw it" he grabbed his symbol and refound his faith by accepting who he truly is. He smote the rest of the swarm and healed the group back up. Oh the role playing was sooooo good. (A lot of the dice and mechanics were hand waved or fudged. The priest knew what I was doing before we started the fight, cause I didn't want to just take his powers with out a proper heads up.)

We ended our last session with our first character death. Gronk, the orc fighter, who was the one who almost died in the first round of combat ever, was in the thick of fighting a swarm of zombies along with the rogue. The wizard and priest were further down the tunnel trying to help at range. Since they were in a well stocked dwarven mine, there were barrels of pitch everywhere. The back liners lit a barrel and rolled it at the swarm. It lit the swarm up but also the wooden supports of the tunnel. I told the group that the tunnel would not hold. To protect the rest of the group, Gronk threw the rogue over the swarm and fire, then kept the swarm on him until the tunnel caved in on the swarm and himself. The wizard and rogue began digging as soon as they could, and the cleric used the spell "Life Sense" to find Gronk. The priest's holy symbol turns into a compass of sorts that points to all life sources with a few yards of him. The one pointing to Gronk was really dim. They dug as well as they could but after a minute of frantic digging, the light went out. Gronk was no more.

I can't wait to keep pressing on and see what happens to our heroes. I've been constantly excited for game night for a while now. If you want to try something a little different, a little old school, and really grim and dark, check out Shadow of the Demon Lord.

(tl;dr: I'm running SotDL and it's a blast)

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Hey all. The RPG sub Reddit made Apocalypse World their RPG of the month. If you get the chance hop on over and help plug +Vincent Baker​ and +Meguey Baker​'s brain child.

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Here are the love letters I came up with for a game I ran. They are a little rough, but it may spark some ideas for your next game.

I ran a game of AW2 this weekend. It turned into a game of Mad Max meets da Packers. All the cannibals that lived in what was left of Green Bay were known as cheese heads, due to them worshiping Vince Lombardi and thinking that a person's head is filled with cheese.

While our players were trying to get through a mall, the cannibals were jumping from the roof/ceiling onto the groups vehicles. One of our new players asked, "What are they doing?" Another player said, "The Lambeau Leap."

Our brainer ended up convincing the battle babe to help rescue the brainer's brother from the cannibals. The chopper was just trying to keep his gang from losing their shit while being besieged by the cannibals and the uber rednecks that were after our skinner.

Twas a great evening.

I've been running Tales of the Demon Lord for a few months now. We just hit Expert Tier! This game is the most fun I've had with my home group for a while now. They are really working hard at not dying :) So I've been talking to them today and been helping them online to pick out their Expert Path and I just realized something.

I have been nerfing my spell casters!

I read the spells per day wrong. So instead of cast each spell X number of times a day, instead they had 3 level 0 castings per day. My mage and priest only had 3 spells total per day...


To their credit they have been doing a great job rolling with my mistakes on this new system. I wanted to share this with everyone in case anyone else is making this mistake.

Have any of you made this mistake, and are there any other little things that tripped you up due to old habits from other games?
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