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Viren Phansalkar
Expressing Common Man
Expressing Common Man

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HP LoadRunner classroom training in Thane
Folks who are interested in learning HP LoadRunner in a classroom, please click here Everybody can learn the basics of tool via internet. However, we all know that just learning the tool is not enough. The background or the associated basics are equally imp...

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Value for money (Market Express)
Value for money or VFM is the most widely used term while buying anything. However, most of the time, it is just another marketing gimmick. People go to shop for an air conditioner. After shortlisting 3-4 air conditioners, they ask the shopkeeper – “which i...

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Early Retirement in India (Market Express)
Early retirement phenomenon is getting popular among Indians. Visit any financial forum and you would find that the most asked question is ‘which is the best mutual fund’ and ‘I have X amount of money, can I retire early’. Early retirement refers to taking ...

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Couples and their money management (Market Express)
There are numerous examples of how divorce has ruined financial life of man and women, both. In the western world, the couples sign agreement called as pre-nup before saying ‘I do’. This agreement comes into picture in case of separation or divorce. Things ...

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Direct vs Regular Mutual Fund plans (Market Express)
Nowadays, there is lots of discussion/noise around what the direct mutual fund is and which one is more beneficial to the investor. Everybody suggests going direct without answering what is direct. However, before getting into the new found debate of ‘Direc...

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Money saved is money earned (Market Express)
What is the most common reason why people do not start investment? Of course, it is the lack of money by the time the month ends.  Living paycheck to paycheck simply means that there is no money left for investments. It is not easy for most of us to increas...

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Home made Chilli Cheese Sandwich without toaster
Till yesterday, I had never been in kitchen for preparing any food item. Nothing to boast about. However, the fact remains that I was never tempted to prepare any food item. My mom and wife does a brilliant job at that and I had no reason to disturb the rit...

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Money Back Guarantee
  When we enrol for any classes, we always have that doubt in our mind -  "What if this course is not for me" "What if the trainer is not as per my expectation" "What if the course content is not what I was looking for" and so on. These doubts hold us back ...

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What is the minimum balance required for HDFC savings account
I changed my job recently. My salary account at my previous company was with HDFC bank. Since, my EMI deduction happens from this account, I have only 2 options: Maintain the HDFC account and pump in the EMI amount from other bank account Give a mandate to ...

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What is the meaning of Insinuation
Pattu  creates wonderful excel based calculators. These calculators are regularly used by DIY (Do It Yourself) investors and IFAs (Independent Financial Advisor). All these tools are free to use and it does not contain any copyrights or locked code. An end ...
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