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The truth is clear and irrefutable. Star Trek its far superior.
A classic debate! Good or Evil? Chocolate or Strawberry? Star Trek or Star Wars (excluding the Death Star)? But unlike those timeless questions this one really does seem to have a compelling answer. And its not what the majority seem to think.
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I heard about this a while ago. Finally found it today. ... Clearly, Aragorn is not from Michigan.
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Make it so!
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Read it all the way to the end. This is why my Novus Ordo parish is growing; yours can too! 
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Ever wonder what to do with suffering? Learn to face suffering like Jean Luc... and then do him one better!
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This is terrific, and as a Lay Dominican, I fully endorse it!
There’s been a long conversation in America about the degree to which Catholic Christianity is compatible with liberalism. From the . . . .
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"The spiritual writers, paraphrasing Matthew 7:7, summarize in this way the dispositions of the heart nourished by the word of God in prayer: 'Seek in reading and you will find in meditating; knock in mental prayer and it will be opened to you by contemplation.'"
-Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 2654
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Kelley Mooney
13) Hallelujah
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I completely agree with this assessment of Disney's Frozen. See it. It's brilliant.
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I agree with the points made about "Frozen" being a movie which accurately dramatizes human experiences and decisions: and their consequences.

I've seen the movie, and plan to do so again. It's fun, and in its own way a great deal more true-to-reality than classics like the Disney "Sleeping Beauty."

That said, I saw very few specifically "Christian" references in "Frozen." Yes, I enjoyed it. I think it is remarkably well-written. I also think that "Frozen" accurately displays the ways folks can make decisions: and the consequences of those decisions.

I think "Frozen" is an ethical movie, one which accurately reflects the results of wisdom, folly, and fear.

But "Christian?" Paraphrasing what one of my daughters said about books, 'the movie has not been baptized.'

Now, a shameless plug. My take on writers, faith, and assumptions:

" 'A Writer Who is Catholic' " (June 2013)
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This is an excellent reminder of what it really means to be a father. 
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Calling all men and women of good faith: on September 7th, the vigil of the feast of the Birth of Mary, Queen of Peace, Pope Francis asks us all to pay with him for peace. Let us all join him in seeking resolution rather than further conflict.

Mary, by your prayers and mother guidance, help us all to be people of peace, ambassadors of the love of Christ.
Pope Francis recites the Angelus - Sunday, 1 September 2013
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Husband, father, Catholic convert, househusband, and Lay Dominican.
I was born and raised Christian Reformed, and was confirmed Catholic at the age of 27. I assimilated two new names in the process: Jackford, the name I assumed during college, and Macarius, my Confirmation Saint's name, both of which I legally added during my 29th year. I am married with one son, who is named after three early Catholic Bishops of Jerusalem. I recently became a Lay member of the Dominican Order.
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I brought them two stuffed animals and a bow tie and although they said they were very busy, they got them done the same day so that my son would have them back to snuggle that night.
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