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Anna Parker
I believe in loving life. I believe in laughing. I believe in adventures. I believe in optimism. And I believe in happiness:)
I believe in loving life. I believe in laughing. I believe in adventures. I believe in optimism. And I believe in happiness:)

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Working as an online marketing manager for Gifted and we're hitting the app store soon!!


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Often, the most powerful people, are the ones who go unnoticed, unsung, or unappreciated. But their influence is priceless.

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Joseph, Joseph
I'll admit...I'm not one of those crazy good cross-referencing, notebook-keeping, topic-exhausting scripture readers. Sheesh...most days I spend an entire half hour on five verses, TBH. Hey, it works, ok;) Honestly, the moments in reading where I get those ...

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It doesn't happen at once...

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Nearer: The Process
I've realized just recently just how much being near to someone is such a basic human need. As a kid.....ok let's be real...even now....I've always been the independent type. Heck, I was that kid that literally went barefoot ALL over the neighborhood, wande...

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Seriously, people....don't be one of them #sensitives   #blogging   #sandandsunshine  

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Don't be one of them...

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SENSITIVES If you're one of em, just stop here and don't keep on reading (or pass Go and collect $200....that too;) ... ... ... Oh hey you stayed......I like you;) Here's the thing....I've never been keen on political correctness . Yep. I said it. Geez....h...

Hey guys! New here....I'm working on an app that's hitting the app store soon and we're looking for beta users (and feedback:) so I thought I'd reach out here to get some help!

It's called Gifted and you can find the landing page at! (You can use my VIP code: ANNASFRIENDS if you want the app earlier)

It allows users to find the perfect gift for anyone using advanced artificial intelligence and access to over 300 million products!

Also, anyone else here launched an app? Where did you find most of your success/users?

Thanks for the help!

Get the one you love what they really want<3 Find the perfect gift using Gifted (! #love #gifts #friendship #perfect #gifting

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