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Facebook: Personal Friend Sharing Network
Google+: Public/Private Friend/Acquaintance Collecting Network
Twitter: Random Public Thoughts and Opinions Personal Timelines

Google+ far surpasses Twitter in user action range, but Twitter has a distinct and lovely character for the quaint at heart, and maintains its distinct vertical linear presentation. Temporal clarity is a great asset. At best I find Twitter like the modern Personal Newspaper live channel, and only the Headlines from all your sources. At best it's a few other things as well, but they should experiment more with sophisticated filtering, classification, and the visual representation of timelines.

Facebook is well-suited to small communities and isolated misfits. I fall into the second category, and Facebook gives me the faintest community, as between childhood friends who never totally forgot each other. It's nice but also still a very lonely place for some people. Maybe it's up to the community, and the not Facebook orchestra, to use the offered social platform tools for their maximal envisioned potential. Can we think up some Facebook "Community Games" to try? Some of those games will be experimental speaking/sharing spaces. We need new Community Grounds. First topics may include: Should people trust online social network providers to protect their communities and privacy from attackers, invaders, and unelected law enforcement? The Face may someday be a video broadcast of our actual face, and maybe someday "Facebook" will allow communities to adapt their own preferred names for the service. If people were to adopt it, Facebook may need the concept of "Community"—collective online friendship, possibly self-organized by schoolmates and classrooms, original and overall shared context, etc. but I think the groups behaviour can be used for this. Do people even want to belong to a large public community? Do they want to meet in person and share their views and ideas instead? Do they feel great with the level of personal engagement they get in life and does Facebook fill a niche of each day perfectly right now?

Since we have been willing to put immense amounts of our time into these services already, we might as well start talking about how we can use them better to respond to some of the fears and outlooks a lot of us are beginning to hold in common.

I also think that Platform Staff will need to step in at some point soon and begin listening better to the needs expressed by online communities. They should take the approach of full transparency and honesty in the planning/development process, and make it clear what their interests and plans are in developing the services that we use to stitch our webs of social broadcast and peer discovery, store our life records and digital memories, and look for connection with other humans in times when we're unable or unwilling to see people face-to-face because of whatever social outcomes of the past century. Or in other words I should go to bed now.

Three poles makes two openings
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What does that mean

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“It’s not for me to decide what happens to Gawker. If America rallies around Gawker and decides we want more people to be outed and more sex tapes to be posted without consent, then they will find a way to save Gawker, and I can’t stop it.”

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When you start to realize the things that make you unhappy are the things you haven't chosen.

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My desk and the view from my balcony this morning
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As I do more speaking and less recording, I feel my history becoming airy, I can move more openly among emotional trajectories because I haven't made a commitment to the one definite record

We have to look back at journals knowing the writing happened in brief moments while the life happened in cosmic motions

How is it even possible YouTube exists and in 2016 does not have a "Start recording" button in web or mobile? Is this barrier necessary?

I want to give away a lot of the ideas I don't plan to do anything with. When we figure that's a bad plan, maybe we are plain hoarders.

"education, counseling, treatment, distribution, regulation, pricing, and taxation all seem to better fit our national skill set than the suppression of immense black markets and the violence and corruption that come with it."

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Dust And Disquiet
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