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Yeah you gotta jump and take the leap of faith.

Your parachute will open eventually if not immediately, but if you never jump your parachute will never open and you will never fly.

Get out perfectionism and just jump. Perfectionism will come due course.

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Instagram is a great source of traffic for both local and online businesses.

But do you feel overwhelmed coming up with new ideas for posts every day?

Check out this 60 sec video for an amazing hack on how to find and create amazing Instagram content every time.

I absolutely love the mood board idea!

I would also recommend you taking screenshots or save the posts you like and upload it to a cloud platform like Google drive/Dropbox.

This way you will have a bunch of inspiration to refer anytime you are feeling stressed.

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Letting go of your job & security is not easy, but has amazing perks. You get to live life in your own terms.

Read what these 6 poeple have to say about their experience of moving from full-time job to working for themselves.

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Five Marketing Tips For Small Businesses In 2017

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Here is a quick read on how you can use social media to boost you business marketing.

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Starting a business and social media is driving you crazy? Not sure what to post where and when? Check out this detailed guide from Moz and scale your #socialmediastrategy today! #smallbusiness #socialmediaforbeginners

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You gotta learn from your past failures and come back bigger, better stronger. There is no failure only learning!
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