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A rose, by any other name, will smell just as sweet. Add a little pink, and a bit of moisture into the mix, and it makes things that much sweeter. :)

Thank you, +Jasmine Flores for the picture.

I get it. Really, I do. The Presidential election was last November. The inauguration was weeks ago. The campaign itself lasted more then a year. You're tired of politics. You're tired of the whining and the wailing. You're tired of libtard this and snowflake that. You're tired of fake news and false narratives. You've had enough of politics. Game over! We WON!!

Hardly. Not even close!

You won one battle. ONE! True, it was a hard fought battle leaving many bruises and scars. However, the war has only just been joined, my friends. This war, being fought over our culture and our very identity as Americans, has been going on for DECADES. The war for the hearts and minds of common citizens. The war for the education (or, indoctrination, if you will) of the next generation. The war to break down society, and make it dependent on government instead of on itself. Welcome to the fight, people.

But now, merely two weeks into the new administration, I hear rumblings of folks being done with politics. As though the fight is finished, and we can all go back home to funny memes and cat videos. I have news for you. The people who have been deep in the trenches of this wars for the soul of America for YEARS may have been shellshocked by the victory of President Trump, but they are most certainly not just turning tail and running towards their safe spaces. No sir! If anything, they are preparing to redouble their efforts and gathering the resources to do so.

The forces on the Left were not vanquished on November 20, 2016. They were taken by surprise, but not disarmed. They stand in positions of power, with much wealth to back them up. The crumbling of the Clinton Foundation didn't destroy the Progressive movement. In fact, it may end up being stronger then ever. Stronger, and more vicious and violent. They are already readying themselves for the next battle. In the courts. In the media. AND, in the streets. Leftists have proclaimed that it will get bloody out there, and that there will be casualties. If I were you, I'd take them at their word.

Now is NOT the time to stand down, and lower your guard. If anything, it's time to be even MORE vigilant then ever. It's time to fight fire WITH fire, and not to back down. Make no mistake... the enemies of a free America will put a knife in your back as soon as you turn it towards them.

Stay frosty, my friends...

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CNN's new logo, in keeping with their newfound mantra about always telling us the truth.

#CNN #Fakenews #mainstreammedia

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Dream, lil Red... Dream of uplifted spirits.
Dream of weight removed from your soul.
Of pleasures that come from the melding of thoughts.
Two being becoming one, both in mind and body.

Let go your worries... And dream.

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Yum!! +Trish Barton KNOWS Egg Nog!

The patient man eventually gets what he wants. The right cards, in the right position, at the right time, and the pile of chips are his for the taking. Patience, and awareness. Knowing when to speak, and when to listen. Knowing what to say, and how to say it, for maximum effect. Skills honed over many years of experience. The professional has confidence that his time will eventually come.

And so, he sits back and waits... for all good things.

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Velotex, one of only a handful of Black Gold dragons known to exit in the entire dimension. He has searched long and hard for centuries looking for a female of his kind, only to come up empty. His failed quest for a mate has slowly driven him insane. Velotex will attack without provocation, even taking on other dragons at will. He knows no fear, but only the utter pain and bitter, angry emptiness of his lonesome heart. Unlike almost all other dragons, treasure means nothing to him. He has decimated more then a few great serpent's hordes, reducing the gold and silver trinkets to melted slag after vanquishing it's previous owner.

I remember most fine details rather well. Dates, times, reasons for this and that. When stories don't match the available data, I will notice. Even years later. 

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Now THIS is EVE!!
No sure if this was shared .. but here it is again. EVEfest is in the middle.

I've been told I cannot possibly 'know' someone that I've never met in person. I beg to differ. I would say there are those I've never met face to face whom I know better then many who HAVE. On the flip side, I know there are those who don't know each other after living in the same house for years.

Communication is the key to truly knowing someone. Granted, the lack of personal interaction does act as something of a barrier to that kind of knowledge, but not as much as some might think. Honest and open communication (and LOTS of it) is the key to any good relationship, whether it be friendship or something more.
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