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The ECLCM Westminster Pop In Day in July 2016
When ECLCM was formed
in December 2013 we couldn’t really have imagined how our journey might unfold.
The naively optimistic might have thought that the omission of children in
residential care from the entitlement to ‘stay put’ was just an oversight by

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Living the dream
How to start this blog, it's something I have been thinking about writing for a while now but haven't found a way to express myself and how to write it. I decided to just start and see where it takes me. I was a child in care and drifted through just about ...

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Lies, damn lies and statistics
Lies, damn lies and
statistics… “ If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we
not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not
revenge?” (Merchant of Venice) It has long been recognised that statistics are merely

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A care leaver’s Christmas tale
I have a story to tell. It is a story that is a large part of me and no
matter how I try, no matter what I say, it just won't go away. It's a story
that might shock, anger or just simply case this reading it to say  "There but
for the grace of God go I"  I ...

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Two busy years
‘Two busy years’ The ECLCM campaign has now been going for a little over two
years. Did we anticipate this being a marathon? Probably not. In our naiveté, we
were probably remarkably naïve at the outset. I think we imagined that the
campaign might be over i...

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Ben reflects...
In 2013,
I was honoured to be invited by the British Association of Adoption and
Fostering to travel to Bulgaria and take part in a project called the ‘Daphne
Project’. It was a European project looking at alternatives to custody.   I was invited because of...

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The space between.
The space between. I’ve called this short article ‘The space between’. This is
simply because that's how I believe many children who leave care feel - sort of
"not quite here and not quite there" - lost in the space between.  It’s a state of personal limbo ...

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I was never a care leaver....
I am not a care leaver. I was not an abused or neglected child. My
upbringing was by no means wealthy and the spoon in my mouth was more
like tin than silver. Yes, I remember my mum going through my dad’s
trouser pockets looking for change to buy the tea...

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To whom it may concern’
To whom it may concern’ I'm just sat at home thinking; thinking about how concerned those people who were supposed to be looking after me were when they got me arrested for refusing to go to bed after a difficult transition in to care from a home. Before th...

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A guest blog from an adoptive parent - "Molly"
T his is an anonymised guest blog sent to ECLCM by an adoptive parent. The names have been changed to ensure privacy. Although our campaign is solely to achieve "Staying Put" rights for all care leavers, we are publishing it without prejudice to share this ...
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