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Nicolas Ullah
Marketing Director specialized in digital marketing solutions for B2B and B2C fashion companies. #digitalmarketing
Marketing Director specialized in digital marketing solutions for B2B and B2C fashion companies. #digitalmarketing

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Recent article by Affirm I was featured in. Good summary of our content strategy here #contentmarketing   #digitalmarketing  

One more advanced question here.
I am pushing data into Amazon Redshift via

A) Has anyone experience with pushing event data (for tools that are only implemented via GTM, not Segment) via GTM into
B) Is that even a possibility? 

Hi all, I implemented Picreel (third party app for newsletter popups) via GTM and would like to send into GA.
1. At the moment I am using a tagged URL to redirect users after they submitted email.
2. Then using a page view (Page URL matches tagged URL) for firing the tag.
This works, but I was wondering if there's a better way.  Any help would be appreciated! 

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How to maximize lead generation for B2B and B2C in 2015 #leadgeneration  #digitalmarketing 

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Maximizing Lead Generation for B2B and B2C
The buying process for B2C and B2B companies has changed significantly within the last few years and marketers had to find new ways to reach consumers. An effective lead generation strategy became the cornerstone for every long-term marketing strategy. Inst...

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How to maximize lead generation for fashion B2B & B2C
Latest article on Tonic Marketing highlighting strategies focused on building a solid lead generation and increasing conversion  #leadgeneration   #digitalmarketing  

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Trendstop announces Fashion Trend of The Year 2015: Modern Seventies
The Trendstop Fashion Trend of the Year 2015 is Modern Seventies.
The Modern Seventies trend direction will influence fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and campaigns throughout 2015. It offers a clean, contemporary and minimalist take on the 1970’s aesthetic.
“Celine inspired structured pieces inform the Modern Seventies fashion translation,” says Jaana Jätyri, founder of Trendstop.

Why Modern Seventies?
Modern Seventies represents a nostalgia for simpler, ‘pre-digital’ times in our hectic world.
This has given rise to digital detox travel getaways, hobbies and an increase in the sales of vinyl records and cassette tapes.
“Many of today’s tastemakers were born in the 1970’s. They are among the last generations to remember what life was like without constant connectivity. Many creatives find this way of being extremely inspirational against the ‘digital overload’ in our current lives,” Jätyri explains.
Trendstop identified the Modern Seventies trend in early 2013. Key early influencers were Acne Studios, Prada, Paris street style and young designers like Grace Cooper. The Modern Seventies trend is a continuation of our 20th Century Remix trend, which takes influences from the 20th century and gives them a 21st century facelift.
Read more or join one of Trendstop's free webinars on this trend (limited slots) here:

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Fashion E-Commerce Strategies For A Trend Conscious Market. #ecommerce   #fashionecommerce   #fashionmarketing  

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Fashion E-Commerce Strategies for a Trend-Conscious Market
The future of fashion e-commerce looks bright. According to market research firm Emarketer , online sales of apparel and accessories are now growing faster than any other e-commerce product segment (20% per year). By 2016, the category is expected to accoun...
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