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Where We Keep Things
A few weeks ago, after a soccer game, we issued an
impromptu invitation to some friends to stop back at our house for pizza. Husband had been given a whole one after an
event he’d helped with that morning. It was a cheese pizza and not his favorite
thing so...

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Yesterday, in a sermon, I heard of a young man who
sought companionship and a sense of place among his peers in a youth group. He
had all the classic symptoms of a child growing up in a broken home. Drugs
caused his mother’s death and his father had been on...

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The Lovely Interlude of September
Somehow, when September comes, it seems as though
another season is upon us. But not yet. Leaves are still green, flowers still
bloom and tomatoes are plentiful on garden vines.  Oh, there may be a stray breeze or two that
hints at the cold to come, but for...

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Just Try One
I was telling a friend recently how my late
mother-in-law refused to eat squash. Why? Because she’d tried it once and found
it repulsive? No. Because she didn’t like the name. “Squash” she’d say in a
disgusted tone as though no one with any kind of decent u...

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Spiders - Again
the weekend, while cleaning the living room, I found it necessary once again to
do some spider eradication via my trusty vacuum. It made me think of this post
and I thought you might like to re-visit it – you  know – in case you find yourself in simila...

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Family, Swedes and Pounce!
Whew – what a month! I hope you’ve missed me. I
didn’t even have time to announce a blog break. Summertime is like that. But
here I am again and you’re  probably thinking
I’m now going to assault you with “what I did on my summer vacation”. Right?
Well – yo...

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What's on Your Window Sill?
There are twenty one windows in our old, old house
and they all have wide sills. In some of the rooms that means, especially for
dear husband, more shelf space. This is especially true of the one in the
kitchen. That window is ten feet long with a truly adm...

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Love That Sugar!
Two little girls and a trip to the store. What
could be  more fun? The discussion was
candy. My two young charges were all excited about the dollar I’d just given
each of them. They perused the candy offerings at the local Dollar General and
both decided on...

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A Few Short Reviews - Re-reads
More than reading I’ve been re-reading lately. I
don’t know if it’s because I’m too lazy to find new reads, need comfort, or
can’t remember all the good stuff in those books I’ve laid down and have now
picked up again. Some of each, I guess.  Witness by Whi...

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Guest Blogger - My Sister!
Good Morning! I have a guest post
this morning written by my sister, Shari. In honor of Father’s Day and our own
father, she writes from the heart about an important facet of child rearing –
discipline. Something, perhaps, that is sorely needed now as much ...
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