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disciple... worshipper... musician... rascal...
disciple... worshipper... musician... rascal...

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Thanksgiving Day is exactly 22 weeks from today...

Logorrhea = incessant or compulsive talkativeness.

Proverbs 10:19 "If you talk a lot, you are sure to sin. If you are wise, you will keep quiet."

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A blog on something I've been thinking about lately, as I've been involved in various projects & trying to sync schedules w/ everyone who lives different lives than I do...

Everything in life is a choice.

You choose to love or you choose not to.
You choose to believe in God or you choose not to.
You choose to believe God or you choose not to.
You choose to accept Jesus or you choose not to.
You choose to believe the Bible or you choose not to.
You choose to walk in/by faith or you choose not to.
You choose to serve or you choose not to.
You choose to bless or you choose not to....


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When I was a kid, I used to watch this show on Saturday mornings (though it seemed to me it aired during the week in the evenings as well). At the time I wondered (along w/ everyone else) if this show would accurately represent our future:

- handheld video communication devices
- reusable space craft
- return of bell-bottom pants

Yep, this show was ahead of it's time....

#space1999 #saturdaymorningtv

Music, ministry, social media, hobbies, sports, etc are parts of my life, they are not my life; Jesus is life & is my life.

Colossians 3:4 "When Christ, who is our life, appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory."


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"Vignettes" a new video series of short, original musical pieces by myself & eventually some friends, will be launching soon; more details to follow! In the meantime, feel free to connect w/ me on my Reverbnation Music Page & also circle me here on Google+!

#music #christianmusic
#hangoutsonair #hangouts

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A simpler time, for a kid at least...

I know there were problems in the early 70's: Civil Rights, Kent State shootings, the Vietnam War, Inflation & a myriad of other things but for a kid, this pic represents a much simpler, carefree time.

The #RoyalWedding2018 really makes the case for Elopement:

- It's much shorter
- It's less expensive
- It's just as romantic
- It leaves time for a nap

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"As a leader your every action has a consequence, make sure it is one you intend." - Katherine Bryant

#leadership #leadershipquotes #quotes


In my effort to get more serious about Google+, I've had to look at every aspect of it & last week I took a look at my Circles

In one Circle, I had almost 400 people & when I took a closer look at it, over 50% of the people had inactive profiles that could not be deleted from said Circle. The remaining 45% or so were people who hadn't posted since 2015, some since 2013! Five years! So that left me w/ 1-2% of active posters from that Circle. I had to create a new Circle w/ just a handful of active people in it & delete the old one.

So I next took a look at the other entities I was following: some sports teams, a handful of celebs & musicians, a handful of companies, etc & the only ones actively posting were tech companies, Linux organizations, etc.

Recently, I've mentioned Google+ to some musician friends & their response? “Oh yeah, Hangouts on Air” then I have to tell them how HOA have been morphed/moved to YouTube & their response? “Then why would we ever use Google+? What's the point?”

This is a perfect example of how the branding of Google+ & Hangouts were/are so closely tied together that people thought of them as one, but not anymore! People are confused as to exactly what Google+ is & is good for...

I can see why some people/companies have either given up on G+ or will never, ever take it seriously. This is part of my personal frustration w/ G+, a platform that I love & prefer to all other platforms.

We all know that Google is the king of search engines, that's a given… but from my perspective, Google+ has been over-tweaked, over-engineered & under-promoted.

Here's some suggestions:

Promote Google+!

Actually put forth some effort into promoting it; be proactive, don't just sit behind your keyboards & re-design things just for the sake of re-designing things, thinking people will come on board...

Promote the benefits & features on Google search & YouTube. It's not hard to have a link on the home search page or to create short videos on YouTube espousing the features & benefits of G+ for individuals & businesses

Personally reach out to businesses & startups, big & small, explain the features & advantages of G Suite & G+

Bring back Hangouts On Air

Reach out to at least 10 well-known musicians & 20+ aspiring ones on G+ to hold some acoustic concerts on G+, to interact w/ fans, etc. If HOA was/is so closely tied to the G+ brand then bring it back, make it easier for artists to connect w/ each other & w/ fans, all on G+!

Reach out to artists to promote their work on G+ using Google+ Create, etc.

I'm just kinda ranting now & not sure if anyone from the Google+ Team will ever read this but if they don't take this platform seriously & do something that no one else is doing or pigeon-hole it to Collections & Communities then why would anyone bother using it?

Anyone else feel this way?

#google #google+ #googleplus #googleplushelp #hangouts
#musicians #artists #hangoutsonair

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