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After an extensive Google & G+ search, I'm finding conflicting answers as to how to get an image to show up in my tweets; even using twitpic it shows up as a link & not an image. 

What is everyone using to make the actual image appear so that your tweet "pops"? 

Perhaps social media expert +Dustin W. Stout has the answer?

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Philip Pratt

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Partridge family is on

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Well, today is #wednesdayrewind  & mine is something I wrote about two years ago; a topic this last week prompted me to remember it.

Isn't it about time we dropped the titles?

If you truly are something, you don't have to announce it, just be it...

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I am not very impressed with titles either. They are convenient in identifying roles in an organization but worthless in determining the value of people.
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Philip Pratt

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I want to take a minute & thank everyone who's added me to their Circles, I'm trying to keep up w/ all the additions!

On a personal note, I also just want to say that I'm reluctant to add anyone who has a title in front of their name, like: pastor, reverend, bishop, apostle, prophet, etc... I look at the words of Jesus in Matthew 23 & here's my paraphrase of what He said, "Guys, drop the titles. There's only One worthy of a title & you're not Him"

Now, you may be a pastor or a bishop or an apostle or whatever but if you truly are one of these, you don't need a title informing everyone of it, just be it...
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Hi Phil call us Awesome developements
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I've got to take a minute & talk about the new Myspace...

I can describe it in one word: amazing.

Like many people, I had a personal Myspace account & when Facebook showed up & basically told Myspace to be out of town by dark, I too jumped ship.

There's been reports that many people were upset that their personal photos, messages & e-mails from old friends were all deleted without notice but to be honest, Myspace had become a ghost town... abandoned... forgotten... & was basically being used as free online storage.  

I also had a music account on there which got transferred to the new Myspace & one day last week I received an e-mail that someone connected w/ me! After 8 minutes of being frozen in complete shock, I snapped out of it & visited the new website; it was a little confusing at first but I learned my way around it, began connecting w/ people & different artists from around the world, uploaded some new/old music & just became more & more enamored w/ it. 

Now, I'm still on Google+, that's my primary social media platform; I still consider it the best of all worlds (Facebook & Twitter combined) & my main music account is still on Reverbnation, but this new Myspace is tailored toward musicians: getting their music out... networking... connecting... 

They've done a fantastic job & if you're a musician of any kind, I strongly encourage you to seriously check out the new Myspace... spend a week or two on there... upload a couple of new songs... connect w/ other artists... & do ministry in a whole new way.

It's new, it's fresh, it's alive... it's Myspace & it's back in the game.

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For my #wednesdayrewind , I'm sharing one of my old Saturday Reveries, which was a mini-devotional/thought/recap of my week & this one was on fences... it made me think about things in my life...

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Philip Pratt

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From down under, here's some straight up truth; thank you my friend +Melanie Baker-Nash!
Okay so here is a post which is quite long for me, but I am glad that it is written as it is a topic/post which has been on my mind for quite a while and one that I feel I am in a position to write...Let me know if you think it is helpful...single or not :) Mel!
A guy once commented that if someone didn’t have a successful marriage, perhaps they weren’t the best person to speak about marriage…I’m not sure he meant this as a hard and fast rule, and I think we can be a bit flexible, as...
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Great Article! 'Sums up the situation nicely...

Thanks +Dustin W. Stout  
Google+ Just Isn't As Good As Facebook
It's better...

Great article by +Lauren Cohrs about why Google+ is better than Facbook at making real connections and the other nearly endless benefits that come with the platform. 

Give it a read. And a +1. Then share the heck out of it!

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Good information!
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Some thoughts that hit me last night about the way I approach blogging, songwriting, etc...

#worship   #christianbloggers  
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I've no idea how someone writes songs.  I've been singing/playing my guitar for years and my hat is off to anyone who can come up something that makes me stop and notice.  I'm sure you are one of them Philip!  
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This is a blog challenge from my Christian Bloggers Community: the topic this week is about grace.

You may agree or disagree, but please be respectful; this why I wrote what it means "to me".

#christianbloggers   #blogchallenge   #grace   
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disciple... worshipper... musician... blogger... rascal...
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Michigan, United States
disciple... worshipper... musician... blogger... rascal...
I'm a Christian, plain & simple...who loves God & loves people... I'm not perfect, but I'm being perfected.

I write & record instrumental rock, acoustic rock & instrumental worship songs...

My Christian blogs have a global audience... My worship songs have a Divine audience...

I'm a rascal.

Here are some keywords to help find me & my interests in a G+ search:

Things I actively do or blog about:

Things I'm interested in:

I really love pen computing & pocket pcs, 'still finding uses for my old HP IPAQs, love using my Wacom Pen Tablet, etc... somehow, computing just doesn't seem right without a stylus in your hand ~

Life Quote: "You don't have to break the rules, just play by your own..." ~ Me

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Bragging is never right...
  • Broken Arrow High School
    1979 - 1985
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