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RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart
RX Care Pharmacy is more than a corner drugstore!
RX Care Pharmacy is more than a corner drugstore!


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5 Don’ts of Medication Safety
Medicines are supposed to help you cure your medical condition. However, some people abuse the use of medication, which eventually leads to side effects. If you don't want to suffer from substance abuse, here are the five don’ts of medication safety:
• Medication Dose and Schedule Changes
Don't change medication dose or schedule on your own. Talk to the doctor first.
• Taking expired medications
Don't take medication that has already passed its expiration date. You might suffer more from the side effects compared to your medical condition.
• Using other Person's Prescription
Don't use the prescription of someone else.
• Crushing Pills
Don't break or crush pills just to make them easier to ingest. You should only do so when instructed by the doctor.
• Improper Medication Storage
Don't store your medicines in humid locations. The storage location should not be too hot nor too cold. Avoid locations with lots of moisture too.
These don’ts should be considered when you have prescription medications. You may also talk to the pharmacist to know more about what you should avoid when you have medication. RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart has knowledgeable pharmacists who can help you out. Call 352-567-2238 to know more.
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Medical Supplies for Senior Caregiving
For seniors, it is sometimes inconvenient for them to move around due to their weak bones, fragile health, or medical condition. Thus, it is imperative to get suitable medical equipment, especially one that helps with walking. Equipment such as quad sticks, walking aids, or canes are some of the good choices to pick for seniors. #seniorcare #seniorcaregivinghacks #pharmacy
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Bathtub Bench for Easy Senior Bathing
Seniors usually have a tough time with bathing. To make things easier, you should purchase a bathtub bench for them. With the said medical supply, the senior can comfortably take a seat during bath time. This bench also makes personal grooming more convenient for the caregiver. You can buy a bathtub bench easily at the nearest pharmacy. #seniorcaregivinghacks #pharmacy
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What to Do When Your Prescription Gets Recalled
Drug recall happens when a medicine is found to be a health hazard or is not according to what was advertised. 
• Do not Panic
There is actually no need to panic when you receive an alert that your prescription is recalled. Take note that most drug recalls are actually for minor issues.
• Know More
Sign up for alerts regarding product recalls, as well as market withdrawals. You should be able to get to know more through the FDA website.
• Discard Drugs Safely
Check if there are recalled drugs in your medicine cabinet. Discard them in a safe manner. Mix the drug in kitty litter and sealing them in a plastic bag before throwing them in the trash is one of the best ways to do it.
• Talk to a Doctor
If you are suffering from unusual symptoms and you think that it may be connected to the recalled drug, talk to a doctor.
You may also talk to a pharmacist if you have questions. RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart has pharmacists you can trust. Give us a call today at 352-567-2238 so you can get your questions answered.
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Insurance Accepted in RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart
Worried you'll have to pay a hefty sum just to get your prescription? Don't worry! RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart accepts many insurance policies for payment. Here are some of our accepted insurances:
• Medicaid
• Medicare
• Veterans Benefits
• Workers Compensation
• And many others!
Check to know more! #insurance #pharmacy
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Talk to a Pharmacist About Your Medication Concerns

Have medication concerns? Talk to a pharmacist. RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart has qualified staff who can answer your questions about prescription, dosage, and medication. Set an appointment with us at 352-567-2238 now. #Medications
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Top Reasons Why Drugs Get Recalled
Drug recall is very common. This is the action taken by the government or by a firm that entails the removal of a product that has already been rolled out in the market.
When Does a Recall Happen?
There are three cases wherein a drug recall can happen. First is when the firm that manufactured the product takes the initiative to conduct the recall. Second is when FDA requests for it. Third is when FDA is given an order under statutory authority.
Reasons for the Recall
Several reasons can be raised for a drug to be recalled. Here are some of the reasons/problems that cause drugs to be recalled from the market:
• Contains glass particles
• Lack of sterility assurance
• Mislabeled
• Microbial contamination
• Sub-potency
• Particulate matter
You can ask the pharmacist if your prescription drugs have been recalled. They would be glad to help you. If you need help with your prescription, RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart has reputable pharmacists who can answer your questions. Just set an appointment with us at 352-567-2238.
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Auto Refills for Your Prescription
It is too troublesome to go to the pharmacy just to get your prescription refilled when you are about to run out! Good thing automatic prescription refills are offered nowadays. RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart can meet your auto refill requests. Call 352-567-2238 now. #Prescription #pharmacy
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Take Supplements for a Healthy Body

Feeling a little out of it lately? You might need to take supplements to re-energize! RX Care Pharmacy & Kwik Mart has pharmacists you can consult with to know what kind of vitamins you should take. Call us today at 352-567-2238.
#Pharmacy #Vitamins
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3 Common Reasons Why Kids Need a Drugstore. Visit #MedicationNeeds #Drugstore
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