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songwriter songwriting acoustic original songs guitar
songwriter songwriting acoustic original songs guitar


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Interesting post Frank, I look forward to following the response. To kick off, here's what kind of songwriter I am.

Like many, I keep a notebook. I carry it everywhere and I scribble down things as I think of them. Not songs but words, phrases, thoughts, feelings and observations.
I also regularly record thoughts on my iphone. (particularly whenI am driving)
At the back of my notebook I keep a list of titles. Many songs seem to stem from a good title so I have found it's best to keep them separate.
I read as many books blogs and posts as I can about songwriting to try and learn from those with more experience.

When I write I start with my guitar and notebook but as soon as 'the magic comes' I switch to my macbook and start editing and re--editing furiously (Copying and pasting is much quicker than re-writing.)

As soon as the song takes form, I record a very rough version on my iphone and play it back to myself over a few days and weeks, polishing words and phrases - trying to express what I mean to say in a more pleasing way, searching for opportunities to use words in opposition within a line (black and white, big and small, easy and hard etch etc), seeking out slicker rhymes and alliteration wherever possible.

I have learned to resist the temptation to play a song to anyone until I have kept  it close to my heart for a few weeks. This incubation period, where no-one else shears the song except me seems to be very useful and helps me polish my songs into a more presentable piece of work before I unveil it.

I often post the songs online in places like this and have had some incredibly valuable and constructive feedback from fellow songwriters which again helps me to craft the songs into their best form.

Over time I have learned the following about myself:

1. Early mornings are without doubt my most creative and inspired time.
2. Alcohol blurs my creative mind - so drinking and writing is a complete waste of time.
3. When 'the magic comes' it needs to be harnessed immediately. If i come up with a tune, line title or hook - I  record it immediately, however rough. Many times in the past I have left it for a few hours only to find the at I just can't quite remember how that lovely tune or chord progression went - and it's lost forever.

To add to that, I have com to the conclusion that writing cannot be exclusively an autobiographical, soul searching experience. I have far more success in allowing myself to be another person in the writing process. Getting inside a fictional persons head and exploring their emotions is much more rewarding -  and without boundaries. I write songs from many people perspective and the empathy that I feel with people I observe as I travel through life has been a surprise reward.
Now everyday, I see people in awkward or unusual situations and ask myself - "I wonder how they feel right now" and a song idea almost always presents itself.
Tell me what kind of songwriter you are!

Let me start with looking back into my assumption about songwriting until a few years ago: When somebody mentioned the word "songwriting" or even "songwriter" I had a very specific image in my head: a person, a guitar/piano and staff paper. The result of songwriting would be a specific type of music I'm not always preferring. That was my association with songwriters - call it stupid, but that was it.

When it came to Rock music or non mainstream genres in particular I wouldn't use the term songwriting - and I was so wrong... Well, my experience with playing in multiple bands tells me that too many musicians don't approach songwriting seriously. Writing lyrics is often seen as an intuitive process, a necessity to call a song "complete". I haven't seen people taking care of all the stuff you can learn from knowledgeable people like Pat Pattison - until my deep dive into the topic by attending his course on Coursera.

There are definitely some of you, who are sitting down with your guitar/piano and a stack of staff paper in front of you. But for some the journey might not end with finishing lyrics and finding suitable chords and a melody. At least for me that's just one step in the process...

Now I would like to understand, what kind of songwriter you are. Let me know, which instrument you're using for composing your main song ideas, if you record your songs, if you play more than one instrument, how far you go with recording (home studio or professional?), mixing (doing it yourself vs. professional) and publishing and distribution (internet, selling CDs...) and finally: do you perform your music live (alone, with your band)?

Your comment doesn't need to be lengthy if time is short (too short to post at all). Just give me and the community an idea, what kinds of songwriters we have here, what challenges and tasks are involved in your songwriting etc! :-)
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And here they are. My 'Limited Edition' CDs. Selling them for a fiver right now. If you are local, just stop me and buy one but if you are miles away and you want an actual CD rather than a download, you can order one here via PayPal:
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I added a little video to my latest song "Whistle All Your Worries Away". Let me know what you think:
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I added a little video to my latest song "Whistle All Your Worries Away". Let me know what you think:

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I added a little video to my latest song "Whistle All Your Worries Away". Let me know what you think:
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I posted a  video for the latest tune I wrote "Sing".
A bit rough and ready but it made me laugh. Let me know what you think.
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I made a lyric video of my #christmas   #song  Happy Christmas Mother.
Let me know what you make of it.
Happy Christmas Mother

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Here's another tune I just managed to finish today. Always good to know what you lot make of it.

Tell Me With Your Kiss (Acoustic Original)


Tel Me With Your Kiss

You’ve got a certain way of talking to me 
Without a single word leaving your lips
You can take a thousand words and whisper each one to me 
In a single silent, sweet and gentle kiss
You got a way to make me understand you want me
And way to make feel just like this

You got touch of your lips to go with of every meaning
And shape of you mouth to go with every word
You can tell me that you’ll miss me when know that I am leaving
You can tell me that you’re happy when I finally return 
You’ve got a way to let know how you are feeling
And a way to cool the fire when my heart burns

You can tell me you’re pleased to see me
Tell me that you just need me
You can love, laugh, comfort, forget and forgive
Tell can me you’re there beside me
Tell can me you’re right behind me 
That you love me and you’ll always feel like this
You can tell can me with your kiss

You gotta kiss to greet me home when I’ve been workin
You Gotta kiss that asks if everything’s okay
You gotta kiss that calms my nerves when I’m not certain
And a kiss that brings end to all dismay
You gotta special kiss that’s says you feel my burden 
And I hear every word that all your kisses say

I wanna feel the touch of your kiss every morning
And fall to sleep with your sweet taste on my lips
From today until the moon and stars have fallen
I will be listening to the whisper of your kiss

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I was working late, I came home crept upstairs and slipped as quietly as I could into bed. The duchess didn't say a single word - she just reached over and gave a single soft, silent kiss. A kiss that said everything I needed to hear.
As I lay there drifting off to sleep I thought about how, when you know someone really well and you've spent a lifetime with them, you can say so, so much, and so many different things with a simple kiss.
The next morning, as soon I woke up, I wrote this song down.
Tell Me With Your Kiss (Acoustic Original)
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