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Brazilian music in-depth reviews: CDs, DVDs, books, concerts, podcasts.
Brazilian music in-depth reviews: CDs, DVDs, books, concerts, podcasts.

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Requinte Trio: Honey & Air #RequinteTrio #NannyAssis #Janis Siegel #JohndiMartino

Refined and Classy Before I listened to Requinte Trio’s Honey & Air the first time, I cannot deny my apprehension mixed with anticipation. Having only been familiar with Janis Siegel (one of the founding members of the famous Manhattan Transfer), I didn’t…

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Maria Bethânia: Abraçar e Agradecer #MariaBethania #abracareagradecer

A Feast of Recognition It was on my 7th birthday that Maria Bethânia performed her first serious concert; February 13, 1965. That’s more than 50 years ago, which means that there’s a nice opportunity to create a special event. With a serious repertoire of…

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André Siqueira: Catamarã #andresiqueira #acousticguitar

Smooth Sailing It is not every day that I hear about a guitarist from the Brazilian southern state of Paraná. A graduate from the State University of Londrina (Paraná), André Siqueira presently teaches harmony and counterpoint, arrangement and guitar at…

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Marcos Nimrichter: Trio$ #marcosnimrichter

Long Overdue The first solo album by Marcos Nimrichter dates back to 2003. The album, reviewed here in MB, impressed me with its polished production and arrangements. In 2006, along with Caio Márcio (acoustic and electric guitars), Marcos released Radamés…

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Nigel Shore: Clouds of Rain #nigelshore #oboe

After the Rain It’s always fun if something unexpected is heard on a CD. How about featuring an oboe in Brazilian music? The album Clouds of Rain proves in a most beautiful way that it’s possible. It’s a daring challenge, but it works when the oboe is…

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Conrado Paulino & Rosa Passos: Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar #conradopaulino #rosapassos

Heavenly! Nothing could be more appropriate to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this tranquil rendition of Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes’ “Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar.” In October of 2012, Conrado Paulino invited Rosa Passos to join him at the TV…

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Fernanda Abreu: Amor Geral #fernandaabreu

Back in Town It’s hard to believe that it’s already 10 years ago since Fernanda Abreu was last seen in the CD business! Her last album, MTV Ao Vivo, dates back from 2006. “Danceable samba-funk” was a nice way to describe the music of Fernanda Abreu (Rio…

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Ricardo Silveira: Jeri #ricardosilveira

The Meaning of Cool In 1984, Ricardo Silveira (Rio de Janeiro, 1956) released his first album (Bom de Tocar), and since then his career has been nothing but a solid presence in the Brazilian and international instrumental music scene. From 1986 through…

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Fernanda Cunha: Jobim 90 #fernandacunha02 #jobim90

Sovereign Maestro On January 25, 2017, Antonio Carlos Jobim would have been 90 years old. Known among other musicians as the Maestro Soberano (Sovereign Maestro), Jobim wrote hundreds of Bossa Nova standards performed by singers all over the world. Anyone…

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David Feldman: Horizonte #bossanova #pianodrumbass #davidfeldman

Rich Horizon Carioca pianist, producer and composer David Feldman (Rio de Janeiro, 1978) was born in an instrumentalist family. At the early age of four, he began his formal musical education, and in 2002, he graduated from the New School Jazz and…
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