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+JuiceSSH are you planning to acknowledge this community at any time in the future? There has been no new development activity whatsoever since 10 July 2016.

Some of us would prefer to pick up where you left off if this project has been abandoned. Half a year is not an acceptable update lifecycle for a software project in 2017.

It is 2017 by the way. Protocols iterate on the order of weeks, not months. You have fallen terribly far behind.

Please respond with your current roadmap and activities or disclose the source code and permit another to take your place in managing development going forward.

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Bill Nye lays down some truth -- all the things you enjoy in your everyday life, from simple conveniences to medicines that keep you healthy to the device you are using to read these words, are the result of scientific literacy.

In nerds we trust.

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Tonight, my Durham apartment is a small exclave of Ontario, Canada.

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Feedback loops inside feedback loops inside feedback loops...

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If Trump (or anyone in this cycle's GOP lineup) does impress you, you are cognitively damaged. Fact.

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All the things you probably didn't know.

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Heh. Watching +Fox News literally makes you dumber.

They found that someone who watched only Fox News would be expected to answer 1.04 domestic questions correctly compared to 1.22 for those who watched no news at all. Those watching only "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" answered 1.42 questions correctly and people who only listened to NPR or only watched Sunday morning political talk shows answered 1.51 questions correctly.

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Thank you, +SciShow -- GMOs aren't a new thing. Humans have been altering their food organisms in some way, as Hank points out, since the invention of agriculture. We've gotten a lot better at it over the centuries since then, but like any science we develop, there are still ways to abuse it.

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Hint: no.

It's also a bunch of warm water!
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