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Cooter Brown
A Po Dunk Dirt Farmer having fun with all this.
A Po Dunk Dirt Farmer having fun with all this.

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Brown people of our nation will save our Union
Whites will Destroy America It's hard to tell what
went wrong with white people in America. It's as though a collective insanity
has enveloped the whites’ of our nation. I'm a white and I
identify more with black and Latino citizens than I do with my own ra...

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Before you jump off a bridge, wait and see what happens
If he scares the people of our nation too much, he won’t be re-elected. The outcome of the election was devastating for those of us
who opposed Trump. Calamitous predictions abound as to the damage Donald Trump
will do to our nation and to the world. It’s p...

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Donald Trump being so close to victory is not something I can be proud of.
I am ashamed of America today and would not give a single drop of blood for sick people populating our soil today. This election is over for me. I'm sick and tired of this whole
campaign scene. I am disgusted by Trump and even more disappointed by the

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Donald Trump lauds stop-and-frisk policies widely condemned as racial profiling From a story located at:

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Trump will regret exposing his family to national scrutiny.

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Have you noticed? Republicans don't vote FOR anyone. They just vote against Democrats. That's because Republicans haven't run anyone decent since Eisenhower.

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North Korea and Iran are probably thinking the same thing. SURVIVE!
North Korea says sanctions push after nuclear
test "laughable" From a story located at: A Podcast version of this Blog can be...

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How Much Damage Can Trump Do? A Lot!
Trump tears into ‘Lyin’ Hillary’ From a story located at: My comment: I look at the headline
for today’s story and notice Trum...

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Our Military is Bankrupting America
Donald Trump Earns Backing of Nearly 90
Military Figures From a story located at: My comment" We are already
spending more on defense tha...

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Allies: N. Korea, China, Walmart
Just speculation. No
proof. Idle thoughts. North Korea could
start an incident before we have chosen a new President. That could turn out to
be very sticky regardless who the next president is. Do me a favor and don't
respond with any of your childish comme...
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