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Kevin- one more thing I discovered using the app. If I request a testimonial, it's sent from your email address, I tried to find a way to change it, but couldn't see it.
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I did get a BCC this time, thanks. Not sure I have a pref on CC vs BCC. I'll have to give some thought to how I would feel as a recipient about having the person I talked with CCed. Would it change the way I give feedback, or my likelyhood of doing so? I'm not sure. In the absence of strong feelings, I would lean towards the status quo. It feels less awkward for the system to request a testimonial than for me to explicitly do it, even if I'm initiating it either way.
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Shardul Mehta

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Hey everyone. I emailed some feedback to Kevin on the app, and he asked me to share it here. Here's a copy of the email I sent him:

Hey, a few things that jump out as I play around with this.

1. A comment: love the fact that a hover over the customer's image brings up their testimonial as a call out!

2. When viewing testimonials, if I click Edit, then Cancel on the editing page, it take me back to my profile instead of the list of testimonials.

3. More problematic is that I'm not able to edit any of the testimonials. E.g., I tried to edit the one from Danny Kafafian, but the Testimonial field wasn't editable. (He provided an update.)

4. There seems to be a character limit for the Testimonial. This is a problem as it's cutting off Danny Kafafian's, which is one of my more valuable ones!

5. Edit Profile page allows for only one URL (aside from LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). Have a blog URL and up to two more. That way I can showcase my company/startup URL too if I wanted.

6. I clicked Final Favor > View. Not sure what the purpose of the page is. I mean, I understand the purpose of the final favor itself. Just not clear on the function of that page.

7. Ability to control the order in which the testimonials are displayed. This is really important.

8a. If I don't check the Highlighted box for any testimonial, none are displayed. Instead, I'd prefer if at least 6 are always displayed.
8b. Add a "See more" or like link so a visitor can read all the testimonials. Can also implement as a feed similar to FB/LI/Twitter that automatically loads more updates when you get to the bottom of the page.

Also, some nits:

9. Would like it if the length of the bio on the right hand side of the profile page was a bit longer. (So "father | husband..." didn't wrap.)

10. Another nit: "why is it free" on the profile page... clicking anywhere else on the page should make the call out box disappear.

11. Social media icons on profile page in the recognizable mini buttons as opposed to grey.

Will share more as I continue to play around...
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And a follow-up email:

Re: the "See All", I'm a bit agnostic on the actual implementation at this point. I do feel it's critically important that my visitors can easily read all the testimonials. The hover over the images is clever and cute, but not intuitive. More than my personal bio, it's these testimonials from others that are going to sell my UVP and encourage a new visitor to book time with me. So both the quantity and quality are important. Thus, accessibility to and readability of those testimonials are super important.

A bit more insight to share. If I've done my job, then my blog along with the office hours is serving as a critical inbound marketing channel for me. People read my content, like it, I build trust, they want to do business with me / hire me / get my advice. That trust encourages them to consider (consider, not yet do) booking time with me, so they visit my page. The testimonials then seal the deal. Here's proof positive from others I've provided value to them. The schedule time.

And these are the funnel analytics that I'll want to track over time to measure the effectiveness of both the blog and the office hours (and thus, justify the $15/mon price point for
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