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mandy charlton
Newcastle based photographer, travel and lifestyle writer, parent of teenagers, cats and Holly Bobbins the best beagle in the world...probably!
Newcastle based photographer, travel and lifestyle writer, parent of teenagers, cats and Holly Bobbins the best beagle in the world...probably!


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The 16 Gifts Your Foodie Friends Thank You For This Christmas
This weeks gift guide is for those friends we all have, you know, the foodies, the ones who love a good feast and who embrace the season with the joy and knowledge that there's nothing quite so wonderful as Christmas if you love food.  I'd have to own up an...

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Fake Sunshine Saved My Life
Sunday morning, just after 8am and I'm sitting at my desk with my new Beurer SAD lamp  faking the bright sunshine needed to make me feel like it's summer and all is good with my bodyclock.  It arrived on Wednesday and I have to say that the thing is miracul...

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The Year of Great Adventure
In 2017, there have been moments which have taken my breath away, moments which have made me laugh so hysterically I thought I couldn't breathe and sad, poignant moments like saying goodbye to our old aged foster cat Hera as she crossed to the rainbow bridg...

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12 Best Christmas Gifts For Mums
When I was writing the 12 best Christmas gifts for mums guide, I wanted to feature, items for all budgets and I didn't want to assume that all mums were the same, some of use are busy business mums, some of us are stay at home, work super hard looking after...

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The week I nearly gave up
This last week has been the most physically and emotionally draining I can remember for a very long time, it would be completely understandable had their been a large life event, some kind of crisis but no, last week was just the week when I crumbled not im...

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17 Ways to Survive The Christmas Preparations
Over the next 6 weeks I'm going to be sharing my guides to Christmas, I want to make sure you can slide into the Christmas season, life is a busy old thing and the season of Christmas can be filled with the most frantic of moments but that doesn't have to b...

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Christmas for less than £30?
Christmas is one of the most expensive times of year, when I was young and single I would embrace the season with open arms, I had five or six presents to purchase and I would spend hours making sure the colour co-ordinated wrapping looked as neat as possib...

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In the wee small hours of the morning....
Because I rarely publish posts at the exact moment when I've written them, I just want you to know that it's currently 12.30am and I did attempt sleep but none was forthcoming and now I'm wondering if I took 1 tablet instead of 2 this morning, one of my med...

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Under Pressure
So, everything is good, life is tootling along except for one small thing, on Thursday night I had a huge anxiety attack, I was at an event with Looby feeling out of place and all of a sudden I felt it in my chest, that huge lump which sticks in your throat...

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Christmas 2017, Your Best Christmas Ever Starts Here....
It's hard to believe that 8 weeks today, Christmas will actually be over, it'll be Boxing Day and we'll all be lounging around in our new pyjamas reading our new books, smothering ourselves in whatever lotions and potions we've been lucky enough to receive ...
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