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Big Island, Hawaii - Kona to Hilo and Mauna Kea. Travel Tips / Photography
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Hawaii's Banzai Pipeline!
#surfing   #hawaii  
Pipeline, Oahu. Photo: Zak Noyle
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Sunset Surf!
#surferphotos #hawaii
#Surf Look at this photo took in Hawaii, powerful!

Photo by Matt Kurvin Photography

#hawaii #wave #power #sunset #wind
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A picture from the North Shore, home sweet home. Today, Summer Tour 2015 in Austin, Texas (Tyler’s in Westlake 4-6pm). Then to California and Hawaii.
- Carlsbad, CA, Sat Aug 15 at Sun Diego Boardshop (3-5pm)
- Irvine, CA, Sun Aug 16 at Hurley | Nike SB Store (11am-1pm)
- Corona Del Mar, CA, Sun Aug 16 at Hobie Surf Shop CDM (4-6pm)
- Hermosa Beach, CA, Mon Aug 17 at Spyder Surfboards (11am-1pm)
- Santa Monica, CA, Mon Aug 17 at ZJ Boarding House (4-6pm)
- Hawaii, Aug 27-30
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Photo of the Day: Mark Healey, Pipeline. Photo: Ellis
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Tyler Newton at Pipeline!
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Photo of the Day: Tyler Newton, Pipeline. Photo: Carey
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"Duck dive" in Hawaii on traditional Alaia surfboard!
Photo of the Day: "The main reason I love ocean and surf photography is the combination of the physical and creative challenge of it," says photographer Sarah Lee of this image taken in Hawaii. #photography 
A woman duck dives beneath a wave on a wooden alaia, in this National Geographic Photo of the Day from Proof.
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Surfing Waimea Bay!
Jamie O’Brien and Shane Dorian share a monumental wave at The Quiksilver in memory of Eddie Aikau.

Photo | Tony Heff
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The first surfer to claim the first ride at Teahupoo was Tahitian Thierry Vernaudon, in 1985. A few local friends support his story." ...Laird Hamilton scored the famous "Millennium Wave"
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The history of Teahupoo dates back to 1985, when Thierry Vernaudon surfed the first waves of the Tahitian break. The heaviest wave in the world has claimed lives and saw terrible wipeouts. Is it possible to surf Teahupoo?
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Laird, el mejor.
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Mavs ...a day for the ages!
#surfing   #mavericks  
Ideal tides, winds, and swell direction combined for one of the most eventful days in big-wave surfing history, a true day for the ages at California’s premier big-wave venue. Photo: Chachi

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Kona, Hawaii Big Island to Hilo Hawaii - Travel Tips, Photography, Honeymoon Destinations, Hawaii Vacations. Big Island fan page.
The Big Island Hawaii - Kona Hawaii Beaches to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to the Lush Waterfalls of Hilo Hawaii. 

Big Island of Hawaii Honeymoon Destinations, Kona Coffee Country, Kailua-Kona, Big Island Hawaii Vacations, 

All-Inclusive Resorts, Kona Coast Resorts, Waipio Valley, Hamakua Coast, Mauna Kea, Big Island Hawaii Volcano News including Active Lava Flows! Aloha from the Hawaiian Islands!
Big Island fan page.