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Chicken pasta with Ragu sauce
Hello everyone, It has been a very hard and busy week but I managed to cook
some delicious and fast dinner for my family. I HATE cooking! I do not like to
cook because I think I am bad at it and because I get burned a lot, I don’t see
how other people say “...

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Hello, This past Tuesday we
had tacos for lunch and I just wanted to share how I make them because some
people might feel like it is a difficult thing or it takes too much time, etc.
Well, not my tacos!   I only take about 30minuts
at the most to make them ...

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Hello everyone! I know I have been completely absent from writing on my blog
but I can explain everything. First, I want to inform you that I have graduated
college and obtained my degree ¡yay! I then decided to take some time for
myself and my family since...

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