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Extends throughout a finite portion of the Universe.
Extends throughout a finite portion of the Universe.

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The red one, obviously. More bizarre fun at

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I've just learned that the upcoming series of Halt and Catch Fire will air in 2017, which is good, but that it will also be the last series. I've really enjoyed watching it.

Does anybody know where I can get Morocco Ale or (especially now) Hopback Summer Lightning in Ireland?

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I'm feeling particularly energetic today, I think I'll take two pills.

I'm trying to select a new baby monitor, with video this time I think. Do you have any recommendations for video baby monitors? A product using 5GHz WiFi would be ideal, probably. Support for more than one camera would likely be handy.

The front runner had been the Motorola Smart Nursery range. But, it requires WiFi in the 2.4 GHz band. We turned that off and use only 5GHz here, to avoid interference with some Zigbee-based products (which use DSSS in the 2.4GHz band).

Since I want to avoid using the 2.4GHz band, DECT could also be a problem (since some DESCT devices use that part of the spectrum).

Dropcam doesn't appeal since (among other things) as far as I understand it, the offering is downgraded outside the USA.

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The Lightroom plugin I've been using to upload photos to Google Photos no longer works. It used to be a plugin for PicasaWeb, and it successfully migrated to Google Photos, as did my photos. But the new Google Photos no longer has a supported API, so this is a dead end. The plugin has stopped working.

What's a good place to migrate to? There would need to be a Lightroom plugin for it (ideally up to the quality level of +Jeffrey Friedl's work). I'm happy to re-upload the photos (currently about 1200 photos) to some new service since Lightroom makes this reasonably easy. The use case is mainly to publish albums of photos for social and family stuff. So, being reasonably low-cost per photo would be helpful.

I've used Flickr in the past for "portfolio" type stuff (less than 10% of the number of photos) and I should probably migrate those too, since I'm not convinced that Flickr will survive the things that are happening to Yahoo. So let's eliminate Flickr as a candidate. Let's also eliminate Facebook as a candidate; I deleted my Facebook account some years ago and don't plan to reverse that decision.


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How sad. I was a big fan of Morse.
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