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#wetwednesday   curated by +Susanne Schweiger

+G+ 365 Project  curated by +Susan Porter  +Patricia dos Santos Paton  +Vesna Krnjic and myself

Splashing good Apple: Day 162 of my 366 journey

For yet another assignment entitled Whimsical Reflections, breif surrounded use of Adobe lightroom and  Photoshop, we could indulge in  whimsical photography, and I love using water to splash things, also perfect for A +WetWednesday 
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+Jerry Pope  thanks... I think :) , the only thing I used Photoshop for was to remove the extra water from outside the frame and remove the thin fishing line spending apple and Picture frame :)
I like the apple part inside...but why the double frame?
But thanks for sharing with us's been a long time. ;-)))
Hi +Susanne Schweiger  the frame around the apple is in situ  while the outer frame is a Photoshop creation in part to separate image from light box background in part so I can sign it.
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