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#Caturday +Caturday curated by +Christophe Friedli and +Lee Daniels

Buster Gets Mail

this is dedicated to my good friend's +Christophe Friedli and +Khrystiane Friedli just a bit of fun for you and caterday
In case the bubbles are a bit hard to read. left to right

Frame 1 top Left (Sweet Holy Offerings are being sent again, Its taken a few 100 years, but it looks like I'm back in my rightful position)

Frame two top right (I Hope this is worth the wait I'm starving) "Simon help me open this please ( note to self must revert to old names)

Frame Bottom Left (I wonder what flavour they sent me ?)
Frame bottom Right (Its not my favourite flavour, I'll smite the marketing department later, tough love its the only way they'll learn)
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Aww this is very funny and cute! Thank you very much Simon! :) <3
Your most welcome +Khrystiane Friedli I thought you may like it. Its nice when you get sent free cans of cat food, and like d the series I shot, so thought to myself, self make a comic book version of busters male. :D
thanks +Dirk Vi When I opened mail box and saw this, I knew just what fun I could have with it and Buster.
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