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For +Zen Sunday Curated by +Charlotte Therese Björnström and +Nathan Wirth

Emerging from darkness, into the Light
We all share that moment, when we all first emerge into the Light and gain a greater understanding, of spiritual enlightenment. In that Moment we tear away the darkness and see with a clarity that goes beyond words that Moment of Zen.A moment of inner bliss that burns brightly and light's our way forward upon our personal journey of discovery to enlightenment.
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mostly I get the feeling of oneness with everything when sitting in a meadow immersed in the waves of grass and light, that gives me a strong feeling of being and helps me find calm
Such an intriguing shot--absolutely brimming with strong mood and mystery. Fantastic!
Hi +Christopher Dael thanks so very much, it went down very well for my Critique for my major assignment hand in this week so am so pleased with how I am progressing with my B.D.V.A degree
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