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Google Wallet closed my account because they made an error.

So to start this off, I have loved Google Wallet since I started using it; kind of a newbie as I haven't even used it for a year yet. My sister recommended it to me as a way for her and I to send each other money. I have a big family, some of who live across country. When buying presents for parents, nieces and nephews, weddings etc, usually one of us buys it and the other siblings send us money either cash or check. It always took at least a month to get all the money from everyone, so we decided to use Google Wallet as a way to quickly transfer money to each other. My sisters and I bought presents in August, and my sisters were able to transfer money to my Google Wallet like within hours of me sending a request. It was awesome.

So now the problem. (Sorry for the lengthy story, just want to make sure I get my story out correctly.) I transferred this money into my bank account on September 2, so that I could pay my credit card bill on time. The money transferred after a few days, normal for Google Wallet, and I was able to pay my bill. (Side note that my credit card amount due was the same exact amount I transferred from Google Wallet). My bill was paid on time; I had no issues. All was well in the world. Until 9 days later (9/11), when checking my bank account for unusual charges and making sure my numbers were correct, I saw a pending charge from Google Wallet depositing the same exact amount of money into my bank account AGAIN. Same transfer number and everything, but it was still pending, so I didn't think too much of it. I figured it was an error, and Google Wallet would resolve it before it went through. Nope. After a few days, it went through. So cool, now I have an extra couple hundred dollars in my bank account, but I have no clue where it came from. Being an honest person, I was going to make a claim to dispute this extra deposit.

Normally, when Google Wallet does ANYTHING, and I mean anything, they notify me via email of any transfers, confirmations of requests, and transfers into my bank account. They are very good at making me feel like my money was secure with them. Since I never got an email from them, I assumed it was my bank's fault. I have Bank of America; they are always really good, but I figured it was a mistake made by them, so I called them to place a claim (9/14). No problem. The guy seemed a bit confused because I was telling them I had TOO much money in my account; someone had made a mistake. Normally, their claims are people wanting to dispute a charge to put more money into their account, not take money out. But I had a weird situation, and he handled it really well.

After a day (9/15), I had the extra money put on hold in my account while the claim was being resolved. Two days after I called (9/16), I get an email from Google Payment's Support Team stating my account was disabled because of the claim I had made. They tell me to sign into my account and verify my information. Ok, will do. They had me send a picture copy Government-issued identification (driver's license) and billing address verification (bank statement with address). Sent these in, get another email thanking me for verification, and it normally takes 24 hours to verify, but could take longer depending on the situation. Again, no problem. I'm glad they are taking security measures for this. I even got an email from Google asking me to take a satisfaction survey. I gave them basically 5 out of 5 stars for everything. They had been doing great at this point. The same day, I get an email from my bank telling me the claim has been resolved, all is well. Awesome!

Next day, I received an email from Google Wallet: 
"Important: Duplicate bank account transfer will be corrected. 
On September 2, 2015, you transferred $xxx.xx from your Wallet Balance to your bank account. Due to a payment processing error, the money was transferred twice. We're sorry for the confusion and we're working to correct this error right away. The duplicate transaction will be reversed and $xxx.xx will be deducted from your bank account in the next few days. For the inconvenience, we've added a courtesy credit of $50 to your Wallet Balance. If you have any questions, please contact us. 
The Google Wallet Team"

Wahoo! Who doesn't like free money? This is great; kinda sucks that they have to take the money out of my account as well, but I'll just re-transfer it after they verify my account. So they do take the money from my account, so I am back at the beginning. Basically, the money I originally transferred was taken out of my account by Google Wallet; the extra money was taken out by my bank. I even got an email from Google stating that the original money I tried to transfer was declined by my bank and put back into my Google Wallet.

I tried going into my account again a few days later, was still locked out and hadn't hear anything about my account being verified yet. On September 21, I get yet another email from Google Support Team, stating that I reported an unauthorized charge linked to my Google Payments account and my account has been temporarily closed to avoid any more unauthorized charges. They then stated that I needed to confirm with my bank that I did intend to make these purchases and have my bank reverse their claims. After I did that, I was to email Google back so they could activate my account. I never made any charges, so there weren't any purchases for me to confirm making. Confused, I call Google Support the next morning to ask them about my account being verified. I figured this whole mess would be easier to resolve over the phone. The customer service rep, Rizza, was helpful and was going to talk to a "specialist". Saying it would take 10 minutes, I asked her to just email me their response.
She sent me an email stating that my account is now permanently closed because I violated their Terms of Service. Since I have a positive balance in my account, a specialist would refund my money within 30 DAYS.

WHAT? How could notifying my bank of an extra deposit be a violation of their Terms of Service? And 30 DAYS!? I was supposed to have this money already in my account 30 days ago. Do they not like having someone point out their mistake? If I had kept that money, and Google realized it, they would be immediately getting the money removed out of my account, and I would be chastised if not legally charged for not notifying someone of the mistake.

I was and am still very upset about this. I don't understand how this turned into such a huge thing. I responded to that email asking what Terms I violated. I get a response from them, not answering my questions, but asking me to fill out a form for an Electronic Funds Transfer for the refund amount. At this point, I am getting livid because I just want some answers. I called the Support Team again later that day (9/22). I talked to Nelson, who was very empathetic and told me I probably wasn't violating the Terms of Service because I was being honest. He wasn't able to tell me what violation I made, but told me to make sure to respond to the email from the specialist team asking them to clarify. Overall, he was also helpful, and he even sent me a follow up email restating what I should do.

After ending my call with Nelson, I sent a lengthy email to the specialist support explaining what has happened and asking what charges I am supposed to be confirming with my bank and also asking what Terms I was violating. I get the automated message back thanking me for reaching out and that my message has been forwarded to a specialist. They will respond as soon as possible.

Last night, I received another email telling me that my account will remain closed due to 'potential unusual or suspicious activity'. The only suspicious activity on my account was the error caused by Google. They then went on to explain that "per the Google Payments Terms of Service, we reserve the right to change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Services feature, without notice and without liability". So it seems that they are just closing my account because they do not want to own up to their OWN MISTAKE, and the easy way out was it would just be easier to close my account???

*TLDR: Google Wallet has closed my account do to a processing error on their end which deposited money into my bank account TWICE. I notified my bank about it, and now my account is closed due to violating Google Payments Terms of Service.*

I have been so unbelievable frustrated and angry with the whole ordeal. I tried to be honest about a mistake made by Google to get this resolved, and now I am getting my account closed because apparently I did something wrong. What that wrong was, I do not know.

I emailed them again to give me a way to get my money returned to me immediately, so we will see if they respond. Otherwise, I'm back to calling support. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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