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Michael Campbell
Writer, book publisher, graphic designer, songsmith
Writer, book publisher, graphic designer, songsmith

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So… about that ellipse…

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Now the NSA has gone too far!

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"Near" vs. "by."

Just heard Justin Bieber sing, "What's a king bee without a queen?"

King bee?

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Dash away, dash away, dash away all! Just do it right.

I swear, I just saw a book that started with "Foreward."

"Forward:" a direction you might choose to go. "Foreword:" an intro chapter in a book. Don't use "Forward" in your book as a cute pun of you marching into your text, because we'll all think you just got it wrong like everyone else.

Heard this again today: "It was a race against time."
What else would you race against? Width?

M-dash (—) or N-dash (–)? Either is correct. Use the N-dash with spaces on either side, or the M-dash without spaces. So if you want a dash – for whatever reason – you can go that way, or—more commonly—this way.
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