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Alternative Service vs. Ikea Service in NYC

The common association with Ikea furniture is usually not that great. Public opinion is generally oriented towards assuming that the products will be difficult to put together, and though they are aesthetically appealing, the general consensus is that the ease of composition is the more important aspect in deciding upon furniture. That is why Ikea has opted to give customers the security and satisfaction they desire by having their own delivery and assembly service. While it has its perks, the rising furniture assembly companies that are not affiliated with any particular store have proven to be quite the competitors for the store-sponsored options. Employees typically are not as adept at putting together furniture as people who have devoted their lives to this career choice, but occasionally these sorts of companies can be a challenge to work with. Thankfully, we provides an excellent bridge between the two problematic associations. They are an assembly service in NYC and Jersey City and Hoboken that gives people an easy, friendly company to work with that is just as competent and capable as need be. There are, of course, many pros and cons to working with an alternative service as opposed to the provided service option.

Benefits to Each Option

iFurnitureAssembly & Alternative Assembly Services:

1.) Manhattan Shopping And Delivery Options
When it comes to living in New York, the stereotype is proven true. People are incessantly busy and constantly trying to manage their schedules. They hardly have time to provide themselves with the necessities in life, much less try to obtain fun and interesting commodities. That’s why businesses like iFurnitureAssembly offer shopping and delivery services for Ikea furniture. The next day delivery is incredibly helpful, especially for people who tend to make decisions at the last minute. The fact that this company allows individuals the security of mind, the ease of obtainment, and the feeling of a job well done without creating a complication is incredibly excellent.

2.) Rapid Response Times
One of the hardest issues to overcome in the majority of situations is communication. One-way communication will not resolve any problems, and it makes people feel disrespected. With alternative assembly service companies like us, people can rest assured that they are going to be met with friendly employees who are capable of answering and scheduling virtually immediately. They will guarantee a thirty minute response for emails, and the next day service can be invaluable.

3.) Extensive Warranty for Assembly
It can be fairly disconcerting to feel like your furniture is not safe or could be improved upon, and because of this, the alternative services often provide a warranty that covers faulty installation or problems with assembly. That enables people to have the peace of mind they desire for their furniture and home decor. Whether the item had to be installed or simply put together, we offers a 90 day warranty on all of the prospective things they could help with. The NYC and Jersey City and Hoboken areas can rest assured that they are in good hands with the people at iFurnitureAssembly offering their services.

4.) Better Than A Warranty—Insurance
Nothing gives customers a better sense of relief than knowing that their furniture is insured. This insurance policy enables prospective users of alternative assembly services to feel complicit in a grand undertaking that won’t hinder them financially. They can feel free to decorate and furnish their homes without problems or worries. iFurnitureAssembly will let their clients know just how well insured their furniture is when they utilize their services.

Ikea Assembly Services

1.) Excellent Service
The Ikea assembly services available through the store actually offer the customers options for delivery and assembly. The alternative assembly services tend to give people the ability to get their things delivered as well, but typically the charge is less and the quality more assured. While the employees gain experience with putting together furniture as they go, they become more and more efficient at appropriately assembling.

2.) Warranty Through the Store
The furniture that gets assembled by the employees at Ikea will hypothetically be given a warranty that extends beyond that which is offered by the alternative assembly services. That could be a prospective benefit, because it would mean that any installation issue or assembly malfunction would be covered through the store instead of through a third party.

Though there are benefits to both options, the alternative assembly service is clearly the superior option. Because it provides a plethora of benefits with little to no negative implications, service providers like us allow the greater NYC and Jersey City and Hoboken area to have access to the best quality assembly service available. Ikea furniture should be installed by trained professionals, and the individuals at at our company are just that.

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Custom Closets vs. Ikea Pax Wardrobes

One of the most important things that people have to decide upon in their lives is the quality of their furniture. Home furnishings are incredibly pivotal in feeling successful and happy with the state of one’s life, given that the home is where individuals spend the majority of their time. Bedroom sets, bathroom themes, and matching living room furniture can make a positive impact on someone’s daily outlook. Being surrounded by comforting objects is imperative to everyday satisfaction. That is why the concept of purchasing premade furniture from outlet stores, like Ikea, as opposed to building custom furniture out of parts is something that the majority of people should definitely take into consideration. Building a custom closet can be not only incredibly rewarding for your feelings of talent and skill, but it can also end up being more efficient and beneficial than purchasing something like the Ikea Pax Wardrobe. That is why iFurnitureAssembly, a company based in Manhattan, is here to help with a variety of customer-oriented needs, from delivery to assembly to how-to’s on crafting a custom option.

Ikea Pax Wardrobe Benefits

Though the general association with Ikea is one of frustration and difficulty, the store has a lot to offer for a vast array of people. The PAX Wardrobe is fairly customizable, despite the fact that is is a premade option. The wardrobe is perfect for any kind of home, and the best part is, we can help with wardrobe assembly. The Ikea PAX series allows the customer to determine all of the qualifications of their wardrobe. The size of the wardrobe is up to the prospective buyer, the color is your choice, and the style can be determined by you as well. This amount of personalization certainly seems fairly helpful. In addition, the Ikea assembly service in Manhattan can seriously impact your decision making process. Because they offer delivery and assembly for Ikea products, excellent aspect of the furniture purchase process to consider. The PAX wardrobe can be improved upon with different interior fittings that are ready-made to improve the customer satisfaction. The important parts are easily fixed and carefully orchestrated to appeal to the specific person. Every part of your style is guaranteed to be organized and easily stored in the PAX series of wardrobe, so it is definitely a valuable option to think about.

Custom Closet Disadvantages

When it comes to Ikea furniture installation, things can be a little bit tricky. The instructions are popularly misinterpreted, and Ikea products have a habit of malfunctioning if not properly put together. This makes them a pretty sketchy notion when it comes to furnishing a home, but iFurnitureAssembly is a quality Ikea assembly service in Manhattan,Brooklyn or other parts of New-York city that can guarantee a job well-done in that department. All the same, you might be considering the option of piecing together a quality customized closet that you can depend upon. By determining the best options for yourself, you can improve your overall quality in terms of home furniture. A custom closet can be relatively easily designed, and it can even occasionally be a cheaper option with more personality and style than the premade selections available in stores like Ikea. Wardrobe assembly is not as easy as one might think, though, despite how simple it might be to design. It can require a lot of patience and effort, not to mention time. While this can be an incredibly rewarding experience that directly impacts a person’s self-esteem, it is also generally unachievable for the average individual. Because it requires so much out of you, it can be more trouble that it’s worth. That is why Ikea furniture installation through a company like us can be your best bet for being happy with the overall state of your home furnishings.

What Is The Best Option For You?

Though there are a plethora of things to take into consideration when it comes to furniture buying, some aspects are slightly more valuable than others. For example, taking into consideration your time management can be imperative. If you spend the majority of your week at work, then it would be difficult for you to manage the construction of a new custom closet. Instead, it could be fairly well advised that you utilize the services provided by the popular Ikea assembly service in Manhattan—iFurniture Assembly. You can pick out the specific premade design you find the most appealing, and subsequently not worry about it again. The wardrobe assembly will be completely handled by this company. That is an incredibly convenient option for the majority of people, especially those in New York who are constantly busy. The Ikea furniture installation process would be entirely handled and insured, so that you are confident with the selection.

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iFurnitureAssembly vs. Ikea Shopping & Delivery

Everyone knows how difficult Ikea can be. Their furniture is hard to put together, and the store itself is a bit of a labyrinth. Despite these factors, the establishment maintains popularity and is actually a fairly quality place from where to get furniture. Though it causes a lot of discomfort for a short amount of time, people often feel pretty positive after the entire experience has been concluded. Ikea is a place that people feel happy about when it comes to apartment decor and book shelving and dressers and bedframes. The entire store has a wide variety to choose from, with selections in a plethora of colors and models. The styles can be picked to specifically appeal to a certain aesthetic, and the entire idea is really beneficial for the majority of spaces. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, the furniture you select is a reflection of who you are. The vast array of choices available at Ikea can help you feel like your home has been personalized and made cozier. These sorts of things are actually very important for feeling satisfied and fulfilled with life. The biggest issue people are faced with when it comes to purchasing things from Ikea is whether to have the items delivered, to put them together by themselves, or to have someone else do all of the steps of this entire process for them. iFurniture Assembly is a quality establishment that provides assistance every step of the way when it comes to Ikea furniture.

Shopping for Furniture

It is difficult to make time to shop for furniture, especially in Manhattan. With work taking up the majority of your day, tasks that you want to accomplish piling up during your sparse free time, and a persistent inability to find time for the things that are otherwise important to you, it can be near impossible to actually bother will going to the store and picking up the furniture that you want in your house. It can be even more daunting of a task to consider putting it together. No, even just shopping for it can be an incredibly insurmountable concept that must be overcome. The people at iFurniture Assembly offer hands free shopping and delivery within their list of services available, and this can be a huge help to people with not enough time on their hands. This alternative Ikea delivery in Manhattan can make all the difference when it comes to trying to spruce up your home. They are fast to respond, incredibly reliable, and will get back with you within 30 minutes to offer same or next day delivery service. This NYC based system is perfect for the average New Yorker with a penchant for staying busy.

Delivery for Furniture

Ikea has a delivery service they offer with the purchase of their products, which can seem pretty great for the average shopper. Those in the Manhattan area should be aware of all of their options, however, and take into consideration the iFurniture Assembly group that offers hands free shopping and delivery for Ikea items. This establishment will not only get the item for you, they will bring it directly to your home. Whether your live in an eighth floor walkup or a suburban home on the outskirts of town, the people at iFurniture Assembly make for a great alternative Ikea delivery service in Manhattan. People often have a hard time with driving in places like Manhattan. The roads are constantly swamped with traffic, and there is an ever-growing population of individuals who don’t even own cars. A lot of individuals use taxis when they have to travel long distances, but the majority of people walk virtually everywhere. This is not that great of an option when it comes to getting new furniture, though. No one wants to walk twelve blocks and up a flight or ten of stairs while carrying their new entertainment center. That is why the iFurniture Assembly folks can be of great service with their delivery options. They do same or next day delivery, fully insured. There is nothing that they cannot accomplish. With their quality work and valuable service, they make an excellent choice when considering the options for Ikea furniture movement.

Assembly of Furniture

Even if someone has the time for everything else involved in Ikea furniture purchasing, the odds are that they do not have the time or the energy to put the furniture together in the most comprehensive and beneficial way possible. Ikea furniture is notoriously difficult to construct, and bad things have been known to happen for those who put it together hastily and without following instructions. The hands free shopping and delivery service offered by iFurniture Assembly does not stop there. They also have services available for actually assembling the furniture itself. The Ikea store also offers this option, but the people at this alternative Ikea delivery in Manhattan hotspot are trained professionals who specialize in furniture assembly. Though the folks at Ikea might be relatively familiar with their own products, they are not as qualified to provide the best of the best service for assembling any furniture. Thankfully, in addition to obtaining and delivering the furniture for you, the individuals at iFurniture Assembly will be more than happy to also provide the service of assembling the purchased furniture within your home.

Based in NYC

This Manhattan-serving group of trained professionals exists to provide service to the New York area. They offer shopping and delivery as well as assembly to the whole of Manhattan. Their services come insured, and they provide timely and efficient response for every email they receive. iFurniture Assembly is an excellent service provider for anyone who has purchased or is thinking about purchasing furniture from an Ikea in the Manhattan area. They are the best alternative Ikea delivery in Manhattan, and the services they offer keep you capable of focusing on the other priorities in your life, like work and family.

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Building/Assembling Billy Bookcase
Sometimes, the furniture set up that you want is not readily available with prepackaged assemble-at-home options. It can be imperative to take matters into your own hands. While this may seem like a complicated process, designing a new look for furniture that suits your needs is not a terribly laborious task. It can be much easier than anticipated, and we at iFurnitureAssembly constructed a beautiful bookcase with curio cabinet doors to provide additional storages and aesthetic charm otherwise unachievable with the current store selections. This bookcase was created by purchasing an appropriate and generic shelving unit, glass doors, some lights, and long handles. With so few items, it seems ridiculous to presume the task impossible! 

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Furniture delivery and assembly service in NYC And NJ

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Ikea Malm Series Furniture vs. Hemnes Series Furniture

Furniture is a vastly important aspect of daily life, and it can impact your overall happiness in life. By having a room that is put-together and cohesive, you increase your regular satisfaction levels to generate an overall pleasure with the quality of your life. Ikea is one of the most popular furniture stores in the world, with many people benefitting from their home-assembly options. They offer a gratuitous amount of selections to choose from, and people find the best furniture for their homes from this store. Ikea offers two major designs for all home décor, and these two designs have their benefits and drawbacks. The perspective of each is dependent entirely on the person’s preferences, but at iFurnitureAssembly, there is an obvious better choice.
Malm Series Furniture
The Malm series from Ikea has a lot to offer. With modern style and ease of build, these different options for bedroom, bathroom, and living room décor can provide a beautiful home environment. A streamlined design and excessive storage availability make the Malm option incredibly attractive for many a small-home or apartment owner. They come in an array of finishes that give the impression of sophisticated grace, without limiting the choices for personal style. This series is also so much easier to put together than the majority of Ikea furniture as far as Ikea flatpack assembly goes.
Unfortunately, the Malm series is also less lasting than other options. It falls apart and breaks easily, and this can be a definitive downside. The quality of this furniture is poor, but the furniture is good for temporary and effective décor. At iFurnitureAssembly based in New York, we feel that the Malm series is inferior and less worthwhile.
Hemnes Series Furniture
The Hemnes series differs from the Malm series in that it is more traditional in aesthetic. This series offers a wide variety of colors to choose from for each furniture piece, and it comes in designs that are definitively more homey and comforting. There is also a good amount of storage space with this series, but it is not as clever and crafty as the Malm series, which has under-the-bed drawers and other convenient options. Who needs crafty when you’ve got gorgeous, though?
Furniture assembly can be an incredibly important aspect of determining the right furniture for you, however, and despite its many impressive qualities, the Hemnes series is perplexingly difficult to assemble. Luckily, iFurnitureAssembly is an Ikea alternative service in NYC that takes some of the heartache out of assembling Ikea furniture.
Price And Quality
As previously mentioned, the quality of the Malm series is lacking. It does not have the longevity most individuals wish for in their furniture. This particular set though does have a more inclusive price range. With prices that stay under one thousand dollars, the Malm series can seem like the better option for people with incomes that cannot support excessive expenses. The furniture does end up not paying off or being cost effective due to the fact that it has to be replaced, but for individuals who do not currently have a permanent residence or who move regularly, the idea of easily replaceable furniture can hold some steadfast appeal.
With the Hemnes furniture series, the quality is evident. It is sturdy and capable with a variety of alternatives. The longevity and steadfast quality of the furniture holds a lot of attraction for individuals who are interested in permanent furniture fixtures in their homes. Ikea flatpack assembly might be a stressful notion, but the concept of having beautiful, long-lasting furniture far outweighs the uncomfortable sensation. This furniture is of course more expensive due to its design and sturdiness. The price is very cost-effective, though, because the furniture does not need to be replaced every few years.
Assembly Options
While the Malm is easier to assemble, furniture assembly is never fun or simple. Because this is such a common issue for furniture-owners, many assembly-aid places have cropped up all over the globe. At iFurnitureAssembly, help is offered for Ikea flatpack assembly among other things. The ease with which the Malm is assembled can make it more appealing for people, but the furniture will last longer if properly put together.
The Hemnes series is challenging in terms of furniture assembly, and a lot of people tend to refrain from attempting to put it together themselves. With Ikea alternative service options like iFurnitureAssembly, the assembly does not have to be something to dread, however. The quality should be given more importance when making the decision. Because places like iFurnitureAssembly in New York exist, the ability to make decisions that are not based around furniture assembly when considering home décor options is much more prominent.
While individuals are obviously welcome to attempt to assemble any furniture they purchase on their lonesome, it is proven that furniture lasts longer if it is properly put together.

iFurnitureAssembly, November 26, 2016, 
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iFurniture Assembly - Ikea Delivery and Assembly Service in NYC 

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