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Finally finished my wife's birthday present. Bubinga and spalted curly maple, about 20x20x6, oil/varnish blend finish, wet sanded at 600.
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wow...crescent moon, venus,
Clouds, Birds, +Moon, +Venus

Sometimes the sky above can become quite a show. Last week, for example, the Moon and Venus converged, creating quite a sight by itself for sky enthusiasts around the globe. From some locations, though, the sky was even more picturesque. In the above image taken last week from Spain, a crescent Moon and the planet Venus, on the far right, were captured during sunset posing against a deep blue sky. In the foreground, dark storm clouds loom across the image bottom, while a white anvil cloud shape appears above. Black specks dot the frame, caused by a flock of birds taking flight. Very soon after this picture was taken, however, the birds passed by, the storm ended, and Venus and the Moon set. The Moon and Venus have now separated, although Venus will remain visible at sunset for the rest of this month.

Credit & Copyright: Isaac Gutiérrez Pascual (Spain)

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After all these years riding, two new experiences in one short highway trip...
1. Discovering a wasp INSIDE my closed full face helmet at speed on the highway.
2. Being stuck behind a very big truck full of some form of manure, that was dry enough to have "wispy" bits flowing from the back.

I used to think that wasps turning inside out ON my visor was bad, and I used to think getting stuck behind a truck carrying sand was bad (think "sandblasting")...

Wow....just wow...finally cracked the little "sample size" of 30 year old Highland Park I brought back from's very, very good.

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For those that haven't seen this yet...this extension allows your Facebook and Twitter feeds to show up in G+. Also allows you to post to FB and Twitter from G+...if you are using some of the other extensions I've posted, you may need to configure them to play nice together.

Extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari...

Bottom line, my FB, Twitter and G+ feeds are all in G+ now...and I need only post from G+...NICE!.

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This is something Google has to build into Google+, but until they do, this extension is perfect.
Just found this awesome G+ related Extension by +Chirag Mehta
It allows you to filter certain circles from your main stream (ie. think of putting +Robert Scoble or any other of the web celebrities in an own circle, so that you can filter them out easily if you want to read "normal" people's post without getting hammered with comment updates)

As far as I can tell it is compatible with my very own Extensions, namely +Comment Toggle and +Photo Zoom.

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Absolutely essential extension for Chrome...disable any other comment minimizing extensions you may have or they will conflict.
this extension will help solve the problems in your feed caused by having circled me.

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Nicely done start-up guide for anyone coming to Google+
Introducing the Google+ Start-Up Guide

I have been having the same conversation with many of the friends I invite over from Facebook. They are having a hard time figuring out how everything here works. Google+, I realize, is a concept that is a bit hard to grasp. It's a blend between Twitter and Facebook, private and public. There are no friend requests or even friends. Just people. People you circle and who circle you, and depending on what they think about you they share more or less with you. The end result, is a post that is more meaningful and relevant. You can scale a post based on what the appropriate audience is. You can share messages with a circle, multiple circles, or even people directly (or even emails). All this is new, and new things always scare people.

Naturally we are people who are against change. We resist change because change requires energy, whether it be physical or mental. But as history can attest to, we need change. I have seen many guides out there that attempt to lower the learning curve but no one wanted to go read a multi-page article about how to use a social network.

And so I decided to give it a try, with a short presentation instead, almost like an intro video.

I have been spending the whole summer freelancing as a full time job and wanted to use my design and user experience skills toward a fun side project that would let me go crazy. I wanted to create something that tells you only the bare minimum of what you need to know to get started and something that is easy to digest. Over the past week, what started as a small side project became my main project.

This presentation is my attempt at lowering the energy required for change. (Hope all the work pays off)

I would love this guide to become "The Guide" all the new folks see. Let's make this this spread like wildfire! If you got improvements please send them my way and I will credit you in version 2.




I got the idea of using G+ as a slideshow from +Vincent Wong's awesome presentation.If +Guy Kawasaki or +Robert Scoble is listening, you guys would be rockstars for sharing this!
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