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People Locator-Background Checks
People Locator-Background Checks

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“No one disappears into thin air. We look there first!”®

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Legal Locator Service locates people in Oregon, California, Utah and Nationwide
since 1996.
We have accounts for a variety of clients in a number of industries. Our expertise in locating people throughout the United States is time-tested and has made us a leading agency known for top quality findings. Legal Locator Service, L.L.C. utilizes the latest innovations in the industry, and more than 20 years of experience and its highly trained team to deliver the best results.
We locate people:

- Witnesses / Trust and Estate Heirs;
- Retired / Former / Deceased employees or their beneficiaries entitled to employer benefit plans;
- Successors in interest and real property lien-holders.
Who are you looking for?

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Background Check, Employment Screening, Tenant Screening
Oregon, California, Utah and Nationwide since 1996

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A member of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, Kate Waren was considered one if its top 5 agents at a time when Women were not even allowed to be police officers.

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At Legal Locator Service we know how fascinating our profession seems. This
perception is due to the sensationalizing of our job through the entertainment
industry. The references in the entertainment world to Private Investigators, private
detectives, and private eyes are endless.

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The most famous detective in fiction is Sherlock Holmes, but the first was C. Auguste Dupin, by Edgar Allen Poe. An eccentric detective living in Paris, he was the model for fictional detectives.

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Background Checks Oregon, California, Utah and Nationwide since 1996
Employment Background Checks
Legal Locator Service has your back when it comes to background checks because your business depends on it!

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Check out our new sign!
We locate people California, Oregon, Utah, and Nationwide since 1996.

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Locate People: California, Oregon and Nationwide
People finder People Locator
Locating the hardest to find people – including, without limitation:
o Retired, former, or deceased members or beneficiaries of pension, profit-sharing, retirement, and health plans of public and private employers;
o Trust and estate heirs;
o Successors in interest;
o Real property lien holders; and
o Witnesses.


Legal Locator Service: Background Checks Nationwide
Background checks, employment screening, drug testing, and alcohol screening. Serving Washington, California, and Oregon.

Make sure an applicant is who he or she claims to be. Do your due diligence before bringing a new hire on board.

A bad hire results in lost time and expenses due to recruiting and training another new hire. This also affects employee morale.

Potential problems you can run into without running a background check.

False qualifications
Trusting your employees is vital.

Background checks may be somewhat different for applicants and should be planned on a case-by-case basis. They must be consistent for all candidates. Individuals may not be appropriate for certain positions due to some aspect of their history.

The most common embellishments are:

Lying about education
Listing Fake Companies
Embellishing Salary
Job titles
Grade Point Averages

Theft and insider hacking
The average theft is approximately 5% of revenues each year.
Verizon attributed 20% of recent breaches to insider misconduct.

Negligent hiring
“Negligent hiring” is a legal term that describes an employer’s liability for an incident caused by an employee when the employer knew (or should have known) that the employee posed a risk.

Conducting background checks reduced worker’s compensation claims by about 50%, according to a survey conducted by SHRM.

The average cost of a negligent hiring lawsuit is estimated to be $1 million. When these cases are brought to court, employers lose approximately 70% of the time. If you use Legal Locator Service, which vets and verifies candidates with a thorough background check, that will be money well spent!

Legal Locator Service has been trusted background company since 1996.
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