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Dr. Anna C. Aller
Dentist in Coral Gables and Plantation Florida
Dentist in Coral Gables and Plantation Florida


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What are the most common questions about All-on-4?

1. What is cost for All-on-4? At Miracle Smile Dentistry the fee for the All-on-4 begins at $12,500. The All-on-4 are a cost effective solution, treatment concept replaces missing teeth with a full dental bridge that is supported by only four to six implants. With less implants needed, overall treatment time is reduced and the cost is lowered. The unique All-on-4 treatment concept also ensures greater stability in the bone, this reduces the need for bone graft surgery to increase the bone volume. We can place temporary provisional teeth on the same day after treatment which look and feel much like natural teeth, this will lead you to have a normal life immediately after surgery. The flexible options that you can choose is a final prosthetic solution that best suits you, such as a fixed option which is a highly durable and chewing function, but this can not be removed. Or a removable option that can be removed easily by you for cleaning. This will give you quality of life and you will see the difference when you start to enjoy your favorite foods again.

2. Are All-on-4 covered by insurance? At Miracle Smile Dentistry we take all dental PPO insurance policies. We can submit a pre-treatment estimate to your dental insurance company in order for us to inform you of your exact out-of-pocket cost for the All-on-4. It's important that you are aware that some dental insurance policies only cover a certain portion of the fee for the dental implants. For more specific detailed information please call our office at (305) 569-9966 and speak to our insurance coordinator, Karla Ortiz. She will gladly call your insurance company and get all the necessary information regarding your dental benefits. Once your insurance company sends a response to the pre-treatment estimate submitted by our office we will call you and explain in detail the treatment cost for the All-on-4 and we will work with you in offering you a payment plan or financing which will best fit your circumstances.

So why wait give us a call at (305) 569-9966 to the get started on what you've been dreaming of a NEW SMILE!!

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My grandmother always told me “don't judge a book by its cover”. Or was it my mom?... I do not remember, but I know someone told me. In addition the cartoons and the TV series always reinforced the idea that "The inner beauty is the most important".

What seemed peculiar to me from the cartoons and the TV series is that always the characters that gave you these tips were canons of what a beautiful person should be (Heman, She-ra, Candy Candy, Zack Morris, Los chicos de BeberlyHills), which made me think that the cover of the book is something important. In fact the bad guys on TV were obviously ugly.

Also the school did not help either. Although the teachers tried to repeat every time they had the opportunity to teach the importance of the content above the cover, always the popular people were beautiful (and jerks, as if there was a directly proportional correlation one and another).

Nor does it help that when you continue to grow, you realize that society rewards more the fact of having a beautiful cover than a complex and well written content.

But not everything is as dark as it sounds. During the University you meet interesting people and you realize in reality that books with only beautiful covers, serve to decorate libraries, but not to comment and discuss them.

Now I wonder: In reality, is exterior beauty more important than interior beauty?

And you know what? ... no matter which is more important. What is important is knowing how to cultivate both. If the question is about adding, then let's add up as much as we can.

So, always take the oportunity to cultivate your inner beauty with a good book, a good movie. And if what you want is to improve your outer beauty then, exercise, cut your hair and enlighten your beauty at Miracle Smile

And remember, if the cover is your face, your smile is the main title.
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The Miami and Broward County areas of Florida are fortunate to have many qualified dentists to serve the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. But, with so many dentists and options to choose from, how do you determine the best Miami dentist that’s right for you?
Tips for Choosing the Best Dentist for You
There is no magic or straightforward answer to this inquisition, so here are a few helpful tips that can help you finetune your list.

1. Set Your Priorities
When looking for a new dentist, consider what you want out of the experience. What matters to you most? What are your must-haves and what might you be willing to negotiate?
Some things to think about:
Proximity: Do you want a dentist that is nearby? Is the route convenient? Will traffic ever be an issue when going to and from the dental office?
Size of the practice: There are pros and cons to both large and small dental practices. With a sole provider, there is a higher possibility of forming a personal relationship with your dentist. On the other hand, getting in for an appointment could take a while. Larger dental offices will have more than one dentist and a larger staff. A bigger practice usually offers more services, and they have more room in their schedule for flexibility.
Your Personal Dental History: Do you need a specialist for a specific issue that you currently have or developed? Are you looking for a dentist with a notable reputation for the services you need?

2. Reviews Matter
When choosing the best dentist , it is important to read their reviews. The medical field relies heavily on referrals. Review websites like Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades make it easy to read up on your potential dentist and their practice.
Keep in mind, however, that the reviews only tell one side of the story. Reviews are often left by people who had a very negative or very positive experience.
Check out social media for recommendations or ask friends and family who their dentist is. If someone in you know has had a good experience with their dentist, they will likely be enthusiastic and pass along their dentist’s information.

3. Does the particular practice accept your insurance? What are their payment policies?
Finding out if a provider accepts your insurance might be hard to find online, so prepare yourself to contact their office directly. If you do decide to contact the office, inquire about their payment options and the price range is for a particular procedure. Insurance companies should also be able to provide you with a list of dentists in their network.
The conversation about payment options becomes even more critical if you do not have dental insurance. Many large dental offices have special offers and coupons and offer payment plans and credit financing, but smaller offices might not.

4. Try It Out
You’ve completed your research, but you still can’t decide between a handful of dentists. Many practices offer discounted or even free consultations for new patients. Call and set up an appointment to make your final decision.
The consultation allows you to get a feel for the dentist and their practice, making sure it meets all of your priority criteria. A good dentist should respect your desire to make an informed decision. Be circumspect of anyone who pressures you to make a decision right then and there.
Again, the good news about the Miami area is that there are plenty of great dentists to choose from. Your oral health is a high priority. Make sure that you do your due diligence in finding the best dentist that’s right for you.
Although voted best Cosmetic Dentist in Coral Gables for the last 3 years, Miracle Smile is not limited to cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Anna Aller’s practice a wide range of services anywhere from cleanings and teeth whitening to teeth straightening and root canals.
Miracle Smile treats patients of all ages, providing one-stop dental care for all your dental needs. Miracle Smile can help you get the treatment you want and need to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We have two offices to serve you better – when you’re ready to meet the best dentists in Plantation 954-472-3303 and Coral Gables (305) 569-9966.

Dr. Anna Aller
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Crowding teeth ! Schedule your appointment with us !
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Introducing our new family member ! Dr. Leila Macario at Miracle Smile Dentistry in Coral Gables
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Post operators after Dental Surgery!
Check this out 👇🏼
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Ok, on today's video, I'll explain about the Top 5 Invisalign advantages 🖐🏼⠀
Each one of them helps us understand the level of importance that having a perfect smile will have in our lives! 👀
Y en el video de hoy, les explico las Top 5 ventajas del Invisalign!⠀
Cada una de ellas van a ayudar entender la importancia del proceso y el nivel de impacto que tendrá en nuestras vidas trabajar por la #SonrisaPerfecta❗️
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