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jack of all....
Michelle and I just moved to Columbus, so I am in the position of finding a new life. Luckily I found work that I am excited about, now to redefine myself. Thinking of the things I defined myself by in Dayton may no longer be needed in my new life. I have b...

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Job Choice
We recently moved to Columbus, Ohio the state capital. Michelle is working on her MFA of photography and I am doing...... Well, that has been the question, what the fuck am I doing. I immediately started putting out resumes to see what was available in the ...

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Festive 500
I completed the minimum miles for the Festive 500 earlier than expected, the weather in Ohio has been odd to say the least. On the 24th I rode

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Ride in Peace Bruce Reinking.

Whoever killed Bruce Reinking just drove away and left him in the road. From the photo in the news report, he was run down on the northbound service road of US 360 in Arlington, TX. The Streetview link below is at the same spot as the news photo (the map in the news article is incorrect.)

Street View:

As i do more of these #VirtualGhostBike  memorials, I am struck by the kind of victims that get big write-ups and a nice obituary, and those like Bruce Reinking about whom information is very hard to come by. Here's what I can tell you about Bruce: He had a reason to be out at 1 in the morning, he had a reason to be on the 360 Service road, and he has someone in Pekin Illinois who cared enough about him to hold a wake at Goodfellas Pub tomorrow night.

Let me address each of these. Why was anyone out on a bicycle at 1 am on a Monday morning? Well, David Durban and Carlos Rocha were both killed at night going to or from work. My guess is that is also what Mr. Reinking was doing. The spot where he was hit is in between a residential neighborhood and the industrial area of Arlington. GM has a major assembly plant at the next major intersection up the road, and I'm sure they are not the only place that does shift work near there. Maybe he was headed to one of many apartment complexes up off Abram St. My point is that there are many people for whom their bicycle is their only means of transport, and people don't ride this section of road at night for recreation.

So why was he on the service road for one of the busiest highways in the DFW area? Well, let us assume he didn't own any other means of transport. Add to that the fact that Arlington, TX does not have a mass transit system. In fact, Arlington remains the largest city in the US without a mass transit system. It's only bus line running only during the day and between the UT Arlington campus and the Trinity Rail Express station (neither are anywhere near where this death occurred.) Finally, the street grid in Arlington is very car-centric. Look at the map, there really isn't a north-south through street in this area other than 360. If one wanted to make it to the second major intersection north of the place where he was killed, one would have to travel a very circuitous route.

I can make a safe assumption that Mr. Reinking was not a wealthy man. The poorer people in our society have fewer choices when it comes to housing and employment. Unfortunately, cheap housing is increasingly in places where mobility is most limited. Sites like drive that home effectively. Poverty and lack of transportation is a vicious circle and one we need to break. I love riding to work, but I wouldn't want to do it 1 in the morning on those streets. Whether through better mass transit, better street layout, or better bike infrastructure, we have to make it easier for people like Bruce Reinking to get to work, the grocery store, or just to a friend's place. Because there but for the grace of God go we - and Bruce was a person who had someone in this world who cared about him: 

According to the Daily Times of Pekin Illinois:
A celebration of life gathering will take place at 4 p.m. Friday, June 5, at Goodfellas in Pekin.

#IAmTraffic   #SaferStreetsNow   #CarsKill  

This is part of my #VirtualGhostBike  project, an effort of mine to commemorate every bicyclist killed in Texas during 2015. If I have missed any, please let me know. To find more, search for that hashtag in my feed.


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I wanted to be a Naturalist
I recently read "Letter from Eden" by Julie Zickefoose, it stirred up some long lost thoughts. As a kid I spent quite a few summers at the Dayton Museum of Natural History (now  the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery). I took classes there, I learned taxidermy a...

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