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Lover of all things Apple

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A teasel on Clayton Hill. 

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Hear hear!
"Different is good. When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up and be proud."

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Fantastic article - well worth reading. 

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G+: Giving #attention to what you're doing is essential. It makes breaking unwanted #habits that much easier.

Here's something that I didn't know until recent months. In Messages, if you open a particular sender / receiver's messages and you want to know when that person sent the message, left drag on the screen and you'll see the times of delivery appear. Let go and your replies slide back. Very useful!

Not sure if anyone else realised but you can switch between 5 min intervals and 1 minute intervals in the iOS calendar time wheel selector by double-tapping on the wheel. Vey useful! 

Hi, everyone. Can I first say I am a passionate iOS, iMac user. However, I am a passionate #microsoft0ffice  user too. Why? Because I have access to my documents on all my iOS, MacOS and PC devices. Further, Pages doesn't come close to being as good as Word. I like Numbers and use it on my iPhone daily but Excel is king in the spreadsheet world. If Apple allowed Dropbox direct editing and uploading on iOS like it does on MacOS I wouldn't need to use Microsoft's OneDrive but you can't download, edit and upload in iOS in Dropbox. On iOS, however with OneDrive, I can download in Word, as well as the other apps, edit the files and re-upload. Then, carry on on a PC; then, carry on at home.
I realise that there aren't many people like me who love Office as much as they love Apple (I have used the iOS Work apps for a long time and the equivalent iCloud apps since they first appeared with but for access-anywhere information it is Office and OneDrive. Yes, I know there's a cost for Office 365 to edit files but it's simply the only option if you use both PCs, Macs and iOS devices. So, come on, Apple. Give us universal Cloud editing and a lot more storage and then we could all use iWorks wherever we were. It's a no brainer, as far as I am concerned. :)  

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What is learnt helplessness? What can we do if we have learnt helplessess?
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