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3 Wh-Questions About Finding Literary Agent
On the quest for the Holy Grail, every
writer is bound to make mistake. Have you made your share of mistakes? Okay, I was trying to be funny there. On a
serious note, let’s talk about literary agents. When I started my literary career (read, I
thought, “Oka...

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3 Lessons About Rejection In Publishing Industry
(1)   Rejection Sucks. Is it news? If yes, then please leave the publishing industry and work
somewhere else. World should not be deprived of your pious contribution in a
professional arena. Publishing industry is NOT for you. Publishing
industry= Lots and ...

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My Three Phase Hero's Journey On Quest For A Literary Agent.
When I wrote my debut novel #iAm16iCan I
was a full time screenplay writer for a major TV show. I was earning good. I
was making a living following my passion—writing. Was I happy? Far from it. Anyone who has
worked for Indian TV industry knows that it’s a ...

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Art of Listening: Lost and Found
When I wrote my novel, #iAm16iCan I never thought of sending
it to the literary agents in the USA for consideration. I was talking part in
#IndiaAgainstRape movement and as a storyteller, the method most suited to me was to write a novel about it. The novel...

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Complexity of Social Media Conversation

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Last year when I started using Twitter around January 2016,
I never even thought it would pose a problem. How difficult can it be? I am a writer. I have been writing
for past 10 years. I have written TV shows for National Television in India. I wrote a nove...

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Think of a dream publishing office where the moguls gather. Every single person walking through the gate is allowed to
interact with any person s/he wants. ·       They
let them hear you their interaction, even jokes ·       Let you
know their public person...

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