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Nonqaba waka Msimang
Author Sweetness the novel
Author Sweetness the novel


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Birth Names and Adulthood
The Arrangers of Marriage , a short story written by Chimamanda
Ngozi Adichie is a reminder that sometimes survival is more important than your
name. It’s about a
young man going through the process of being a medical doctor in the United
States.   His name...
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Winter Driving And Wired Pedestrians
Our sympathy goes to drivers in Canada this vicious 2018 winter.   It is also extended to France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania
or just massive Europe in general, something drivers in Manaus Brazil or Dubai UAE
will not understand because temperatures th...
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Debt Injurious To Health
“Fifty per cent of Canadians struggle with debt and
48 per cent of working Canadians couldn’t pay their bills if their pay was
delayed one week.”   The
Credit Counselling Society. What the quote calls ‘pay’ is even academic because there are
five or six cre...
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bookworm in the corner. lovely bookshelves in this bookstore.

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The Silent Ones
Women who are silent about sexual harassment in the film
industry globally, are silent for personal reasons.   Maybe they believe it is all water under the
bridge, despite mental wounds.   Maybe there
are parents, kids and in-laws to consider as it might br...
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Trump Commander-in-Chief
Donald Trump will have his own war, like every U.S.
president before him despite lack of reasons, for a conventional or nuclear
war. Soldiers used to go to war because they believed there was
something tangible to die for, something historians called nation...
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Gunpoint Advertising
Fast and Furious action
films are like the tortoise, compared to screeching online advertising on
mobile phones and all electronic gadgets. Traditional advertising places things on display, in
magazines, newspapers, television, radio, billboards, t-shirts, ...
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Mothers' Handbook
Online information which is as abundant as a room’s natural
noise, robs kids of their inheritance: parental wisdom.   Young people know more than their parents
because they are the largest consumers of print and video online content,
facts, figures and fake...
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Doctors and Dr. Phil Patients
It’s hard being a medical doctor these days.   Doctors’ occupational hazard used to include
lawsuits from prescribing wrong drugs, leaving scissors inside patients
during surgery, sexual accusations from female patients or plagiarism
accusations by other do...
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