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Consuelo Griego
User Engagement Strategist | Behavior Design | Product Design | Silicon Valley
User Engagement Strategist | Behavior Design | Product Design | Silicon Valley

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Tim Ferriss endorses Ray Cronise as "wicked smart" - Broken Plate kickstarter campaign.

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How many of us have had conflicts with Comcast!? Here's an app to reduce the pain...

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An extensive list of review sites to submit mobile apps for review.

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Interesting topics and speakers to be found at this week's PR Summit in SF

The PR Robots are coming... to help.  9:10 - 9:25am  
Joel Andren, CEO, PressFriendly

Should PR Agencies Own Native Advertising?  9:30 - 10:00am 
Mike Barash - Founding Partner and CEO, Knock Twice 
Dan La Russo - EVP, Ogilvy 
Rebekah Iliff - Chief Strategy Officer, AirPR

Consumers Love Native Ads  10:00 - 10:35am 
Dylan Tweney - Founder, Tweney Media 
Peyman Nilforoush - Co-Founder and CEO, inPowered 
Jeremiah Glodoveza - Senior Director, Global Communications
Avaya Amanda Sklad  - Senior VP, Social Strategy, Edelman

Future Tech, Trends to Watch for in Gadgets...  10:40 - 11:10am 
David Sanghera - Co-Founder, David Sanghera 
Hubert Nguyen - Co-Founder, Ubergizmo 
Joe Sanchis - CEO, Queue 
Kyle Ellicott - CTO / COO, Wearable World

The Addictive Power of Storytelling!!!  11:25 - 11:40am 
Donna Abraham - Corporate Storyteller, Boyer Communications Group

Where Storytelling Meets Technology?  11:45 - 12:00pm 
Maya Zuckerman - Founder, Transmedia

Those Who Tell Stories Rule The World...  1:15 - 1:45pm 
Sam Slaughter - VP of Content, Contently

Futurist, Rackspace  1:50 - 2:20pm 
Robert Scoble - American Blogger, Tech Evangelist, Author, Rackspace Hosting

What does PR measurement look like in 2015?  2:25 - 2:45pm 
Johna Burke - Executive Vice President, BurrellesLuce

Ethics, Philosophy & Asking the Big Questions... Digital Everything
2:45 - 3:05pm 
Levi Felix - Co-Founder, The Digital Detox

How to Sell into Fortune 500 Companies successfully"  3:15 - 3:45pm 
Ryan O'Connell - Vice President, Influence & Co. 
Allison Engel - Co-founder, Dell for Entrepreneurs 
Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer - CEO, AirPR

Emerging best practices in IPO communications...  3:50 - 4:20pm 
Eric Savitz - Partner, Brunswick Group 
Peter Delevett - Director, Global Marketing and PR, Intel Capital 
Paul Wilke - Founder, Upright Position Communications

The Death of the Press Release...  4:20pm - 4:50pm
Drew Hendricks - Contributing Writer at Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur., 
Tim Johnson - President, UPRAISE Marketing + Public Relations, Inc. 
Dylan Tweney - Founder, Tweney Media 
Chikodi Chima - Mission Control, Moonshot 
Beki Winchel - Co-editor, Ragan's PR Daily

5 Ways Content Marketing & Visual Story Telling is ..." 4:55 - 5:25pm 
John Boitnott - Writer, USA Today | Forbes | Inc. 
Fred Bateman - CEO, Bateman Group 
Everette Taylor - CMO, Sticker Mule 
Aarti Shah - Associate Partner/ Sr. Editor, The Holmes Group
Beck Bamberger - Founder, BAM Communications

The Power of Story & why it leads to impact & results. 5:30 - 5:55pm Tom Hallman - Jr. Pulitzer Prize Winner

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looks amazing! Thanks for sharing +Chef Dennis Littley and +Rachel Currier 
If your basil is out of control, here's another perfect recipe to use it up! Homemade braided pesto bread! Super easy and fun to make... and eat!
Full recipe -->>
#recipe   #bread   #pesto   #baking  

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"And perception is personal... The challenges of mass persuasion..." says Tom Foremski. One (of many) must-attend sessions at the PR Summit, this week in SF.  ( 

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Interesting panel on Future Tech, Trends to Watch for in Gadgets.... Great venue: Children's Creativity Museum - AUGUST 11-12 - San Francisco (  

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Healthy foods / recipes

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Several interesting movies that will help you be a better entrepreneur.

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Thanks for the share +Matias Duarte
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