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Not exactly a simple checklist, but I'm keeping this one on hand. 

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Calling all mycologists ... a huge shelf fungus that just blasted gray spore-cloud all over the log. My daughter's tiny mitt for comparison. ID??

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Yeah, I'm wandering around the TARDIS. I wish they'd get more into how much bigger on the inside it actually is, one of the fun parts of the 5th Doctor era...
Grab your sonic! Google Maps Easter egg lets you explore the TARDIS 
#Tardis   #Whovians   #DoctorWho  
/via @Sush Rose 

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Get the debate out of the looking glass.
Through the Looking Glass:

During what Sen. Bernie Sanders called an Alice in Wonderland hearing, Senate environment committee Republicans on Thursday contradicted or ignored the near-unanimous consensus by climate scientists that global warming is real and man-made.

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A Tuesday in the middle of a 3-day workweek is all at once a Tuesday (by birth and blood), a Wednesday (the hump day), and a Thursday (the penultimate workday).

Boston! Never been happier to see you. 

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Mimas, the Death Star moon, gets a nice close-up.

+Shanti Roundtree No Boston cream pie! Super Bowl screwed up my plans as I ate fried fish and drank beer instead. 

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Excellent, excellent Vonnegut.

What kind of modem should I get? Mediacom is bringing 105 mbps to my outside wall, but they can't (?!) get a modem out here to the hinterlands of Iowa that will handle that. I'd rather buy than rent anyway. What should I look for?
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