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Bom dia!! Hoje estou trazendo algumas peças de Rafael Anderson, um artista mineiro bem bacana!
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La Palma Eclipse Sequence
I'm a bit amazed by this photo :) So, danke APOD!
At left, a dramatic image sequence follows late September's total lunar eclipse above a rugged landscape and sea of clouds from the Canary island of La Palma. Composited in a circular fisheye projection, the brightness of the Full Perigee Moon changes drastically in transition from outside the total eclipse phase compared to its dim glow during the 72 minute long totality.

At right, a single frame captures the dark red lunar disk in a moment during the total eclipse phase, the Moon deep within Earth's shadow. In fact, the size of the eclipsed Moon image at right approximately illustrates the relative size of Earth and Moon, when compared to the circular projection of the eclipse sequence.  

Info & image via APOD

#space   #nasa   #eclipse   #astronomy  

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QUAIS SÃO SUAS MARCAS? Por onde quer que passemos, deixamos nossas marcas. Nos relacionamentos, atividades pessoais, empresas onde trabalhamos, nos negócios e em tudo aquilo que direta ou indiretamente influenciamos. Não percebemos, mas a todo momento deixamos marcas na vida de alguém. Dia desses, fui parado na rua de uma grande cidade, e alguém me chamando pelo nome, me abraçou e disse: "Obrigado por tudo que você fez por mim. O que você me disse há 15 anos, mudou a minha vida" e sem me dar chance de perguntar seu nome, desapareceu na multidão.
-Aristides Girardi

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On 5th October 1923 Edwin Hubble identifies Cepheid variable star
Though the universe is filled with billions upon billions of stars, the discovery of a single variable star in 1923 altered the course of modern astronomy.

The star goes by the inauspicious name of Hubble variable number one, or V1, and resides in the outer regions of the neighboring Andromeda galaxy, or M31. But in the early 1900s, most astronomers considered the Milky Way a single "island universe" of stars, with nothing observable beyond its boundaries. Andromeda was cataloged as just one of many faint, fuzzy patches of light astronomers called "spiral nebulae."

Were these spiral nebulae part of the Milky Way or were they independent island universes lying outside our galaxy? Astronomers didn't know for sure, until Edwin Hubble found a star in Andromeda that brightened and faded in a predictable pattern, like a lighthouse beacon, and identified it as V1, a Cepheid variable. This special type of star had already been proven to be a reliable distance marker within our galaxy.

The star helped Hubble show that Andromeda was beyond our galaxy and settled the debate over the status of the spiral nebulae. The universe became a much bigger place after Hubble's discovery.

 V1 is a special class of pulsating star called a Cepheid variable that can be used to make reliable measurements of large cosmic distances.
Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)



#nasa   #esa   #hubble   #history   #astronomy   #cepheidvariable  

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Paisagem da Costa do Algarve - Portugal

Landscape of Algarve Coast - Portugal

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Pluto - a world of mysteries
The first color images of Pluto’s atmospheric hazes, returned by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft last week, reveal that the hazes are blue. Imagine that...a blue sky in the Kuiper Belt! :)

In a second significant finding, New Horizons has detected numerous small, exposed regions of water ice on Pluto. The discovery was made from data collected by the Ralph spectral composition mapper on New Horizons.

Places with exposed water ice are...bright red. Why? That's the big question ;)

Know more:

#pluto   #nasa   #newhorizons   #space  
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