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GuruDan Ram
Works at Diversity2Inclusion Strategies, Div. of GuruDan Group
Attended McGill University, Montreal
Lives in Pickering, Ontario, Canada
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Crafting a Great #Brand for your Biz |  | #Entrepreneur #Marketing #Strategist 
For our series Ask the Expert, marketing guru Joanna Lord chats about why she decided to dive into marketing and what newbie entrepreneurs can do to create a...
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#MedicalGanja Vending Machine Rolls Out in Colorado | #Marketing #Distribution #Product 
A marijuana vending machine has been unveiled in Colorado.
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100 Reasons To Work Out Today – No. 12: you want to be a good example to... |  | GuruDan ran this HM/pace 8'33"mi with #nikeplus #Running #Fitness n’ #HealthyDiet #ShotoYogaDharrma :
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100 Reasons To Work Out Today – No. 11: It prevents diabetes |  | GuruDan ran this HM/pace 8'12"mi with #nikeplus #Running #Fitness n’ #HealthyDiet #ShotoYogaDharrma : 
By: Nicole Nichols, SparkPeople Blogger 4/8/2013 6:00 AM This post originally published at LiveJournal Tags: Fitness,health   We all have those days that we don't want to work out even though we know we shoul...
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6,624 people
Sex is the Ultimate Reason for Dudes to Practice a V Diet | #ShotoYogaDharrma #Fitness #HealthyDiet 
This Article was originally posted in Care2  5 Reasons I’d Still Be Vegan If I Were a Dude Eat Drink Better April 16, 2014 6:01 pm As the vegan movement grows, statistics say it resonates most strongly with women — at least ...
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Turmeric, The Superfood of Superfoods  | #ShotoYogaDharrma #FoodNDrink #HealthyDiet 
Spice that whitens your teeth, fights dandruff and wards off cancer  By Mother Nature Network ( | Healthy Living – Mon, 14 Apr, 2014 11:17 AM EDT   One of the most fetching culinary spices, turmeric has an intense go...
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#Venezuela's Students Protest by Posting Naked Photos Online  | #Caribbean #PoliticalArena 
Venezuelan students are protesting against the government and police brutality via a new form of dissent: sharing naked photos of themselves on social media
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How to have an out of body experience – OR mimicking death |  | #ShotoYogaDharrma #Meditation 
You can have an out of body experience right now, and it isn’t even that hard.
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6,624 people
Diversity To Inclusion AND Marketing/Advertising Strategist
  • Diversity2Inclusion Strategies, Div. of GuruDan Group
    Strategist, Diversity to Inclusion, 2012 - present
  • GuruDan Group
    Strategist, Marketing & Advertising, 1982 - present
  • Standard Life Assurance
    Group Claims & Marketing Specialist, 1973 - 1984
  • Ministry of Health T&T
    Clerk, 1970 - 1973
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Port-of-Spain and San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean - Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago - San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - New York City, NY, USA - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Pickering, Ontario, Canada
#ShotoYogaDharrma #Runner #Fitness #HealthyDiet #Strategist #Diversity2Inclusion #Marketing #Advertising #CaribbeanEntrepreneur #WalkingTheTalk
My interests and skills in HASHTAG format:

A graduate of McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, GuruDan majored in Strategic Marketing Management with minors in Business Management, and Computers & Systems with specific focus in Strategic Planning for small-to medium-sized businesses (SME/SMB).

GuruDan’s experience spans corporations like Standard Life, Telemedia (Toronto and New York City), Jaeger+Waldmann of Germany, Shaw Communications, International Yellow Pages of Texas, USA; DJR Communications, Kentucky Fried Chicken (Caribbean), Coca-Cola (Caribbean), Nissan (Caribbean), Banyan Ltd. (Caribbean), UNESCO, Div. of the United Nations (Caribbean), Prudential Insurance (Canada & USA), more...

In 1986, GuruDan accepted a project with Banyan Ltd., an Audio/Video and Television production house in Trinidad, West Indies, where he held the position of General Manager. Along with the management team he assisted in a project with UNESCO - div. of the United Nations - to help develop video and television production in several islands in the Caribbean. Actively involved in the business of television with respect to funding, corporate sponsorship and advertising - he assisted in the business production of several cultural documentaries, including a weekly cultural news magazine series, Gayelle, for the Trinidad & Tobago television stations, and the BBC in the United Kingdom. 

He currently is:

(a)     a working partner and Marketing/Advertising Strategist of GuruDan Group, which specializes in Strategic Planning, Marketing and Advertising Consulting, Corporate Communications and Multi-Media Production services to Small-to -Medium-sized Businesses (SME/SMB) throughout the Canada/USA/Caribbean region.

(b)   The owner and Diversity to Inclusion Strategist of Diversity2Inclusion Strategies, which provides strategies and solutions to effect change and acceptance of external stimuli affecting equality, productivity and efficiencies of the human resources factor of businesses, organizations, and associations.

GuruDan considers himself a Middlepath thinker. Creative people are right-side thinkers. They are poets, artists, romantics caught up in a world of profits and commerce, and who deal in ideas and art. Left-side thinkers want the creative to make sense to them - to make profits.
Middlepath thinking is the bridge that connects the gap between the right-side and left-side thinkers - it is the secret of turning diversity to inclusion AND creative into profit. This is his area of expertise - his unique ability.

He has published and hosts several Blogs including:

1)      GuruDan: …walking the talk on the journey of life...making our world a better place…for all!   

2)      Strange Words - Poems and other thoughts 

3)      Caribbean Entrepreneurs Association Worldwide: A view through the magnifying glass...

4)      Ontario Insurance Network: Bringing everything insurance and related under one roof...

5)      GD Bizzin' – the latest buzz on SME / SMB biz...

6)      ShotoYoga Dharrma: The Ashram of Health and Well-Being...walking the Middlepath on the Journey of Life...moderation, meditation, discipline, tolerance, healthy eating, physical fitness...

In addition GuruDan is the founder/manager of the following online social media networks:
3) SME / SMB Biz Network (SSBN) on LinkedIn
4) SME / SMB Biz Network - Toronto (SSBNToronto): Facebook Page, and Twitter.

5)      Diversity2Inclusion on LinkedIn
He is also the Webmaster/Social Media Manager for:
a)      GuruDan Group
b)      CSR Insurance Broker
c)      Diversity2Inclusion Strategies

The Journey continues...
Bragging rights
Died twice...kicked out of Heaven both times...NOW actually living the MEANING OF LIFE...
  • McGill University, Montreal
  • Concordia University, Montreal
  • Sir George Williams High, Montreal
  • QRC Extramural, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Osmond Highschool, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Piccadilly E.C., Trinidad & Tobago
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